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Chapter 920: I Merely Forgot You (10)

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At the beginning, she would be extremely neurotic and would lose sleep every night with her body stiffened.

Even after ensuring that he had already slept, she would still not dare to go sleep.

It was as though she was a piece of meat on a chopping board ready to be slaughtered at any moment.

If the knife came down quickly, at least the ending would be swift. Yet, the most tormentous feeling was never knowing when the knife was ever going to fall; the days of waiting for death.

Time passed day after day and that was the status quo for an entire month. Soon, her fear began to leave her and at the same time, she could feel that Ah Zhi did not seem to want to do anything to her.

Yet, that had her feeling even more scared – she was afraid that he might cast her out into the den of men out there waiting for her should he be displeased any day.

She knew clearly well the sort of temptation that her body and face would often bring for men.

There were quite a number of times when she had overheard them conversing in English about how beautiful she was. They were all waiting for Ah Zhi to be sick of her before enjoying her as a delicious meal. There were even discussions of them playing with her together.

At that time, she knew that she would definitely have to pander to Ah Zhi so that he would not abandon her. He was her safety net to ensure that she would not come across harm’s way.

Otherwise, the torment that was awaiting her would be akin to Hell.

Yet, she would have never expected that even as Ah Zhi did not abandon her, there would be other men coveting to get their hands on her.

The man which everyone called the Second Master had been indignant ever since Ah Zhi stole her away from his grasp. Each time he looked at her, there would always be a burning desire in his eyes.

There came a day when Ah Zhi was not in the village. Stealthily, he had people bring her away from Ah Zhi’s village.

The moment she caught sight of that tall and black Second Master, she gulped in her heart.

I’m dead!

What should I do? What should I do!

She knew that she shouldn’t get tough and could only drag things out… till Ah Zhi was back!

Repressing her urge to escape, she smiled at Second Master and said with a sweet tone, “Have you asked me here to drink with you, Second Master? But should we eat something first? I haven’t had lunch and I’m feeling so hungry!”

She furrowed her brows and bit down on her lips gently, looking extremely pitiful – she knew that no men would reject her in that state.

There was a trace of hesitance on Second Master’s face. Eventually, he succumbed to that pitiful and pleading look of hers and nodded his head, ordering his subordinates to bring dishes in one after another.

She ate really, really slowly despite the intense fluster in her heart hoping that Ah Zhi would return soon!

At the beginning, Second Master was still in the mood to flirt and drink a little with her.

But as time went by, he was gradually getting impatient as the way he looked at her burned with a diabolical thirst.


She knew that there was no more ways to drag this further as she stood up and wanted to run.

However, Second Master was way swifter than her as he swooped up and scooped her, tossing her onto the bed despite her fervent struggles and screams.

She shrieked out with frightful eyes as she watched Second Master undress his pants. Cowering back and trembling, she begged, “P-Please don’t come over! P-Please!”

Second Master licked his lips maliciously. “Don’t bother hiding. I’m going to get you today!”