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Chapter 918: I Merely Forgot You (8)

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Qianxun felt a chill looking at him. “Not old, you’re not old at all! Men are like wine and you age with time! At 30, a man is just like a flower with a mature aura and way of handling things. Not only are they sharp with a career, they also have an unbeatable charisma. Right now, there are many young lasses out there who have a thing for mature men like you to be their husbands.”

She suddenly felt like a student that was afraid of the discipline master, not daring to enrage him and could only use words of flattery.

In reality, she truly felt that he was a little old – that was the reason why there was always some friction between their interactions.

“Then what did you mean by your words earlier on?” He rebutted.

Qianxun blinked, not knowing how to reply – indeed, age is a sensitive topic to both women AND men!

“People who don’t know might even think that I haven’t satisfied you enough in bed. Though, I don’t recall ever sleeping with you after turning 30.” Lu Yanchen’s words poked as though he was picking on her. “But with your skills that are akin to a dead fish, should you even be looking down on others?”

Su Qianxun nearly spat out blood!

Just because she poked at him for being old, he was picking on her technique?! Damn it, he’s speaking as though he’s soooo good at it! All he knows is being rough and ramming…

Clearly agitated, Lu Yanzhi leaned beside her ear and whispered, “Or perhaps you’ve experienced even more men through these years and your technique has improved?”

Qianxun instantly raised her hand and wanted to slap at him. However, he caught her hand and even held onto it.

Panting heavily and unable to break free, she glared at him while he looked back indifferently.

After a moment, as though she had just lost a war, Qianxun softened her voice. “Let go. I want to go back.”

His lips curled. “Call me Good Brother and I’ll let go!”

Good Brother…

Those words caused Qianxun to stiffen as though she was just jolted by a bolt of current.

In the past, there was once when she had accidentally stumbled into the bathroom while he was bathing – that was the first time she had seen him fully nude.

His sexy muscles were tight and shone with a radiance as water droplets were sliding off them. Stunned, her eyes instinctively moved downwards into that forest below…

Instantly, the stoned her turned around and wanted to dash away in fright.

However, he caught onto her from behind and whispered, “Call me Good Brother and I’ll let you off.”

At that time, her ears burned as though they had caught on fire.

After a long time, she opened her eyes and closed them – her entire mind was filled with that forest and the words he had said to her, causing her to feel fuzzy and numb all over.

Initially, she had really hated him, thinking that he was together with the bad guys. But each time she had nightmares at night, he would be the one hugging her and saying softly, “Don’t worry, Good Brother will always take care of you.”

Later on when she met with danger and was almost killed, or the couple of times when she was almost taken advantage of by others, he would always hug her tightly and repeat, “Don’t worry, Good Brother will protect you.”

That warm breath of his was both itchy and safe, as though she had finally found warmth in the coldest of winters and was unwilling to let go.

Now that she thought about it, she was truly silly.

A man his age that liked people to call him Good Brother? What a pervert.

He was more like a hooligan than any soldier at all!