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Chapter 915: I Merely Forgot You (5)

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Lu Yanzhi reversed the question casually, “What do you think I’m playing at?”

Su Qianxun felt as though her entire chest was stuffed to the brim as she could not help but blurt out, “Fuck!”

“No vulgarities!”

“Who was the one who taught me those? Fuck! You’ve got the cheek to tell me that!” In the past, she was an absolute goody two shoes who wouldn’t swear at all – he was the one who had bloody taught her everything.

“Then why are you not remembering the other things that I’ve taught you?” Lu Yanzhi’s eyes were savage.

Instantly, Qianxun froze for a moment as she gulped down some alcohol to bolster her guts. “Lu Yanzhi, I don’t care what you’re trying to do. But don’t forget the words that you’ve said yourself back then. You said that you never want to see me again nor would you appear before me again!”

Lu Yanzhi placed his wine glass down and put his hand on the dining table, glaring at Su Qianxun with slightly pursed lips – his emotions were indecipherable through that bland gaze.

Qianxun was extremely unnerved by his stare and didn’t know where to put her hands. Hence, she took the glass of wine and drank it.

When it went empty, she refilled and finished it before refilling it once more.

With two glasses of red wine in, her nervousness disappeared alongside as well.

“I don’t like to have any unclean ties with you anymore.” She could not deny that as she looked at the stoic and stern Lu Yanchen in his military uniform that exuded a forbidden sensuality, he felt like a demon’s fruit that would intoxicate one just through his smell and drown her should she eat it.

But, that was not what she wanted.

She drank yet another glass of wine. Now that she had a little too much, her cheeks were flushed as those phoenix eyes of hers looked every more bewitching through her tipsy behaviour as illuminated by the candlelight.

After drinking, she would usually be more brash and could thus speak her mind, “I’ve already told you everything I had to in the past. I wish you all the best and that we never meet again. Even if we did, we’re strangers.”

Lu Yanzhi nodded gently.

He then took his knife and began cutting at his steak smoothly once more, asking without lifting his head at all, “Who brought my son onto the headlines then? Whose fiancé bumped into my car on purpose and more than that, who was the one who had her fiancé create that coincidental meeting at the bar?”

Qianxun gripped her wine glass. “Those were all accidents!”

“Then, you’re the one who broke the agreement first. And yet, you’re now afraid of Xiao Bai tagging along with you. Why? Guilt?” Lu Yanzhi’s dark tone had a hint of mockery.

“I’M guilty?!” Qianxun laughed bitterly. “What should I be guilty of?”

“Guilty that you abandoned him back then!” Lu Yanzhi’s head shot up and glared right into Qianxun’s eyes with a firm conviction such that Qianxun nearly choked.

She could not help but scold, “You’re nuts!”

He narrowed his gaze and looked at her coldly, saying nothing more.

The feeling was as though she was a great sinner. Qianxun felt an inexplicable sense of agitation as she roared, “I don’t care how much of a mess you want to create. In any case, the child is yours! But I’ve got to clarify! If you were to dump him in front of my doorstep the next time, I’ll just shut the door and disregard his life or death since he’s got nothing to do with me!”

Lu Yanzhi frowned and glared at her icily.

“And don’t have your son call me mummy again! If the child needs a complete family; needs a mother, YOU go get him one! Don’t keep calling other strangers as mummy!” Qianxun was truly about to die from anger – when facing Lu Yanzhi, she was always like a rocket on fire.