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Chapter 914: I Merely Forgot You (4)

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Su Qianxun was exceptionally speechless and looked as though she was so done with everything. Shi Guang and the others had truly mistaken her relationship with Lu Yanzhi – they were not a couple nor were they long lost lovers.

She merely swept a cold glance at Lu Yanzhi – his expression was calm as usual.

Even though he could already tell of his mother’s motives instantly, he still accepted it nevertheless and was already cutting at his steak without saying anything.

The candlelight that was illuminating his face revealed a pair of deep eyes that were shining tenderly, masking the steely aura that his entire demeanour gave off.

Sensing her gaze, he looked up at her.

As both of them looked at one another coupled with the type of atmosphere present, it was particularly flirty.

Just as Su Qianxun thought that Lu Yanzhi would be ignoring her as usual, he suddenly spoke coldly, “What are you freezing there for! Sit down!”

His presence was already domineering enough to begin with. Coupled with the fact that Qianxun already had a subconscious fear towards him, his voice sounded even more booming than usual.

Su Qianxun sat down as though she was sitting on needles as she looked at this calm man. Hiding every single bit of discomfort in her heart, she was determined to speak her mind.

Clearing her throat, she got to the point. “Mr Lu, I don’t like to be mistaken by others.”

Lu Yanzhi looked up at her but did not speak.

Su Qianxun’s expression was firm as she cleared her throat and continued, “The previous time round, you had your son come call me mummy during my engagement. That prank was already extremely overboard and you had severely damaged my reputation. Without even apologizing afterwards, you even threw your son to me? To be honest, I have no idea what you’re trying to do. Aren’t you afraid that your son might get abused by leaving him with a stranger? If you truly don’t have time to take care of your son, please hire a professional! I’ve got no interest in helping someone else take care of their children nor do I like to become the godmother of others!”

Even though she fancied Xiao Bai quite a bit, she still had to spill her grievances and instantly, she felt much more relieved.

After she was done, Lu Yanzhi smiled.

However, that smile was far from soothing; it was somewhat terrifying and chilling.

Su Qianxun frowned even tighter and looked at him in bewilderment as she tried her best to put on a stern and composed face.


Lu Yanzhi harrumphed coldly in his heart. He hated the way she sounded with her tone; the way she looked with her expression. And yet, he just could not get angry at her somehow.

He placed his cutlery down and looked at her.

When she took off her mink coat, it left her wearing only a single white, lace dress that showed how rosy her skin was. Even despite not wearing any make up, just her phoenix eyes alone were enough to accentuate how elegant she was. Under the illumination of the candlelight, she looked extremely tender and even somewhat… warm.

The way he was staring at her had Su Qianxun feeling somewhat unnerved.

She could not help but blurt out roughly, “You should take care of your own son.”

He took his glass of red wine and sipped while sizing her up, speaking as though he was teasing her, “The reason why you’re not acknowledging your son is because you’re afraid that might interfere with you looking for other men, huh?”

Su Qianxun’s entire forehead was creased. “My son? Are you crazy… Lu Yanzhi, just what are you playing at!”

Using your son as a tool to torment me?

She really wanted to lash out at him.