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Chapter 913: I Merely Forgot You (3)

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Shi Guang had turned up late on purpose as she wanted Qianxun to stay longer. Based on her understanding of Shen Lingshuang, she knew that Lu Yanzhi would definitely have been called home as well.

But Shi Guang had not expected that Lu Yanzhi had merely arrived moments before her.

Gosh, Yanzhi was really putting too little effort. If not for the fact that Xiao Bai needed a mother, Shi Guang truly would not have hoped that Qianxun and Yanzhi would be together.

After all, she was blood related to Qianxun.

But then again, if Qianxun was her auntie and were to get together with Yanzhi. Then, Shi Guang herself was married to Yanchen as well. Wouldn’t that be… fufufu gosh, everything’s crazy messy!

At then, Shi Guang caught sight of Shen Lingshuang making eyes at her. Freezing for a moment, Shi Guang watched her and asked her with a facial expression what’s up.

Shen Lingshuang then touched her own tummy.

Instantly, Shi Guang thought that Shen Lingshuang knew about the pregnancy. It was only when Shen Lingshuang looked over at the dining table at Qianxun and Lu Yanzhi that Shi Guang understood – Shen Lingshuang was asking her to think of an excuse to leave only Lu Yanzhi and Su Qianxun in the dining room.

Shi Guang coughed out. “Right, mummy. Earlier on, big auntie-in-law gave me a call asking me to head over to her place as she was looking for me. She seemed rather urgent but this military compound is way too huge. I forgot where big uncle’s place is at?”

“I’ll take you there.” Shen Lingshuang hurried to the living room to get her and Xiao Bai’s coat while turning to Lu Yanzhi. “Son, I’ll go to your big uncle’s place with Shi Guang. You two lovebirds eat first and don’t wait for us, alright?”

Su Qianxun’s mouth cramped up. “…”

Lovebirds? What the?!

She then looked at Lu Yanzhi – his expression was stoic and he didn’t seem as though he had the slightest intent of explaining things.

Qianxun opened her mouth nervously and called out at Shen Lingshuang’s back view. “Auntie…”

By then, Shen Lingshuang had already pulled Shi Guang and Xiao Bai out while closing the door, leaving a dumbfounded Su Qianxun.

She looked at Lu Yanzhi opposite her – he was tall and upright, his shoulders sharp and defined, exuding a domineering aura.

Those eyes were equally overpowering and lethal.

She clenched her fist while saying in a calm voice, “I’m done eating. I’ll be leaving first.”

But she had just taken a step into the living room and was about to take her coat when the Lus’ helper came over. “Miss Su, Madam had ordered that we must take good care of you.”

“I’m already done eating.” Su Qianxun wanted to turn and leave but she was held back again.

“No, no. Our main dish hasn’t been served yet. If you were to leave right now, madam wouldn’t definitely blame me for it.” The helper’s face was pleading, hoping that Qianxun wouldn’t cause her to receive a scolding.

Su Qianxun was particularly speechless – this was the first time she had ever come across a guest being forcefully retained.

But so be it. She would just eat then – she had forgotten earlier that she had some things to clarify with Lu Yanzhi as well.

When Su Qianxun returned to the dining room, the lights of the entire house suddenly extinguished as the helper walked in with two candles.

All the white spirit and Chinese food on the table had already been cleared and in place was red wine and steak accompanied with a bouquet of flowers. There was even melodious music being played in the background with a romantic atmosphere.

This was clearly an intricately planned out candlelight dinner!

Su Qianxun was completely stumped…

The reason why Shi Guang and gang had left was this…?!