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Chapter 911: I Merely Forgot You (1)

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That topic was difficult for Su Qianxun as she nearly choked while drinking the soup.

Instantly, Shen Lingshuang handed her some tissues. “Eat slower, slower.”

Shen Lingshuang then continued naturally, “It’s all Yanzhi’s fault. Say, he’s already so old and looks rather sharp, yet, he’s like an idiot when it comes to love. But you mustn’t blame him too…”

Su Qianxun had barely caught her breath and wanted to explain. “It’s not…”

“Not what?” Shen Lingshuang’s face was upset. “Don’t speak up for him! If not for the fact that he’s so obtuse and treated you badly, you wouldn’t have left the child with him. In this world, which woman would be willing to be separated from their child? It’s such a tough affair for a woman to bear a child while her body changes as well as her temper. Also, every woman shares a deep emotional link with their children…”

Su Qianxun was absolutely awkward right now. She wanted to explain that Xiao Bai was not hers. Yet, the more Shen Lingshuang spoke, the more she was reminded of her own child.

It was truly tough for her to bear that child on her own back then. At the later stages, her feet would cramp up consistently while she could barely eat or sleep properly with the child creating a ruckus in her belly. But at the end, the child was still unable to…

“Come, come. Since we’re so happy today, let’s have a little alcohol.” Shen Lingshuang then took out two cups and filled them with… white spirit 1 .

Drinking? White Spirit? Or was it maotai 1 …?

Su Qianxun’s hands that were beneath the table started sweating…

“Erm, I have to drive later so I can’t drink.” She rejected through an excuse.

However, Shen Lingshuang had already filled the cup for her. “It’s alright, I’ll just have the driver send you back later.”

“But I can’t really drink and white spirit has a high alcohol content.” She could drink – but why must they drink white spirit?

“Chief Lu loves white spirit so this is all we have at home. Or do you want to wait awhile? I’ll go check if we’ve got red wine.” Shen Lingshuang asked.

“It’s fine, that’ll be too much trouble.” Qianxun replied on courtesy.

“Sure, we’ll stick with white then. No choice, I’m accustomed to it because of Chief Lu as well, so all I drink is white spirit right now.” Shen Lingshuang sipped a little before raising the cup to Qianxun.

Xiao Bai chimed in at the side. “I want to drink too!”

Instantly, Shen Lingshuang’s face darkened. “No, children must not drink alcohol.”

Su Qianxun was stunned – she was only saying that out of courtesy! If there was a choice, red wine would naturally be better! But since Shen Lingshuang had already put things that way, she’ll drink a little then. A small cup of white spirit should be equivalent to a huge glass of red wine.

The fragrance of the wine was alluring as she gave it a sip – it was clean and sweet despite a little burn. Overall, the taste was rather good as she gulped the entire cup.

Shen Lingshuang then praised her, “Qianxun, good guts!”

She then filled Qianxun’s cup again but did not insist on her drinking anymore this time round. Instead, she took food for Qianxun while checking the time.

Why was First still not back yet? If he doesn’t return soon, this dinner’s going to be over! Work, work, work! Even his father the great chief isn’t as busy as he was! Honestly, the way he’s occupying himself with work right now as though his entire world revolves around it… how was she going to see him form a family at this rate?

“Honestly, First has no tact at all. That’s why he’s still a bachelor even at 30.”

“A man’s still eligible at 30. There’s no rush, no rush.” Qianxun felt that she would definitely get indigestion for this meal.