His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 908 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (28)

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Chapter 908: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (28)

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Su Qianxun had intended to leave right after dropping Xiao Bai off. However, before she could bid goodbye, Shen Lingshuang had already held her hand while Xiao Bai tugged at the other, bringing her into the Lus place.

“Come, have some tea.” Shen Lingshuang had Qianxun sit down on the sofa and looked at her in bewilderment – this woman was more stunning in real life than on television.

No wonder that first son of hers who always only had eyes for guns and cars would want to have a child with her.

Even though Qianxun had not admitted to it till now, based on her understanding of her son, Xiao Bai should most likely be Qianxun’s. Only, Shen Lingshuang did not know why they were still not together yet.

She felt that this maiden didn’t seem like someone who would abandon her child and husband no matter what – there should be some misunderstanding somewhere.

Towards her first son’s marriage affairs, Shen Lingshuang was absolutely worried. She had arranged for many blind dates with different women through the years but none of them had succeeded.

Now that there was finally someone he liked, shouldn’t she then help him resolve the understanding as his mother?

“It’s all thanks to you for taking care of Xiao Bai for the past few days. Thank you so much.”

Su Qianxun took a sip of tea and placed her cup down. “It’s fine. Xiao Bai’s really obedient and adorable and I fancy him quite a bit too. Even though officially, I’m the one taking care of him for the past few days, I’ve enjoyed the time spent with him as well.”

“Ah, it’s good that you enjoy it. If that’s the case, you should spend more time with Xiao Bai. There are times when a child needs their mother.” Shen Lingshuang then sighed. “I don’t know how you ended up separating from Yanzhi nor how the relationship between you both is like now. But since you’ve already had Xiao Bai…”

Su Qianxun hurriedly cut her words. “Auntie, you’re mistaken. I’m not Xiao Bai’s mummy.”


Shen Lingshuang frowned slightly.

If she’s not the mother, there’s no way First would get Xiao Bai to call her mummy on stage.

That affair was quite blown up in the circle and hence, even though she wasn’t present, she roughly knew the details of it all.

But Qianxun’s expression didn’t seem like she was lying to not admit it – what was going on here?

“Whether it is or not, you’ve got an affinity with this child. So, just spend more time with him, won’t you?” Shen Lingshuang smiled.

Despite feeling that this child was not hers, Qianxun was still putting in so much effort in taking care of this child – what a kind woman this was.

She was bent on having this daughter-in-law as well!

If only that son of hers would work harder…

“Sure, I’ll come visit Xiao Bai when I’ve got time. Erm, I’ve still got something on so I’ll be leaving first.” Qianxun then stood up.

“You’re already leaving?” Shen Lingshuang was surprised as she held Qianxun’s hand. “Why are you leaving so soon? You should at least have a meal here after all your hard work of taking care of Xiao Bai for the past few days.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

Su Qianxun wanted to push Shen Lingshuang’s hand away but she was held tightly by the latter whose attitude was firm as well. “No, no. You definitely have to eat here before returning. Otherwise, if news were to spread, how would people view us?”

At the side, Xiao Bai who was watching television rushed over and hugged Qianxun’s leg tightly to help retain her as well. “Mummy, don’t leave!!”

Su Qianxun’s body froze up for a moment before chuckling out at Shen Lingshuang awkwardly in a resigned manner. “Erm… Xiao Bai, I…” She was afraid of creating misunderstandings and thus she refrained from calling herself mummy. “I’ve got something on.”

However, Xiao Bai would not relent and continued hugging her tightly while yelling out sadly, “Mummy, please don’t leave!!”