His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 901 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (21)

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Chapter 901: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (21)

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Instinctively, Su Qianxun and Xiao Bai turned around at the same time towards the voice.

Instantly, both of their expressions darkened.

The woman was wearing heels and walking towards them gracefully before smiling at Xiao Bai with such joy that she was about to cry out then turning towards Qianxun. “Long time no see.”

“Oh.” Su Qianxun responded blandly while letting go of Xiao Bai’s hand simultaneously and even taking a couple of steps back, looking as though she did not want to get involved completely.

Li Mengyao’s gaze then landed back on Xiao Bai tenderly. “Xiao Bai, why are you here? Where’s daddy?”

Xiao Bai was both cool and polite at the same time. “Daddy’s busy. I’m with mummy?”

“Mummy?” Li Mengyao bit down on her lip before looking at Su Qianxun in surprise. “You’re Xiao Bai’s mummy?”

Li Mengyao’s stunned expression seemed like she was questioning Qianxun instead as Qianxun replied, “Godmother.”

At that, Li Mengyao smiled and returned to normalcy. “Right, we said before that we would be the godmothers of one another’s child.”

Instantly, Qianxun frowned with displeasure.

“Xiao Bai, what toy do you like? How come you haven’t mentioned it when we went out to eat with daddy the other time?” Li Mengyao said and reached out, wanting to caress Xiao Bai’s face.

However, Xiao Bai’s face tensed up as he dodged away before hiding behind Qianxun.

Tears welled up in Li Mengyao’s eyes as she took a deep breath before looking sideways seemingly miserable over Xiao Bai’s outright rejection.

A moment later, she looked at Su Qianxun with a pitiable expression. “Qianxun, at times, I really envy you. Perhaps it’s better to have none.”

Su Qianxun felt a sharp pain in her heart as her lips curled in ridicule. “If you want to flaunt next time, don’t resort to such low methods!”

“I’m not! I…” Li Mengyao wanted to defend herself.

Qianxun then interrupted her coldly before mocking once more, “You what? I actually don’t really understand what you’ve got to flaunt about? You think you can enter the Lu Family just by changing your name to Li Mengyao? Now that so many years have passed and the child’s already so old, I still don’t recall hearing of any mistress of the Lu Family named Li Mengyao.”

Su Qianxun clearly did not want to continue with this hypocrisy as she turned around and wanted to walk away.

Halfway through, she recalled that she was the one who had brought Xiao Bai here. Even if Li Mengyao was Xiao Bai’s mother, she should not leave Xiao Bai with her just like that.

Pausing, she turned around and wanted to retrieve Xiao Bai only to find out that Xiao Bai had been tagging along with her the entire time.

Stunned for a moment, Qianxun looked down at the nervous Xiao Bai and smiled before carrying him up and walking away while hugging him.

What followed was silence – neither her nor Xiao Bai spoke. Their mood was downcast as though a storm was coming… clearly, they were both displeased with this surprise reunion today.

Li Anyuan… right, she changed her name to Li Mengyao.

Back when she was at her most desperate moments, Qianxun had thought that Li Mengyao would be her best friend and closest comrade through their darkest times.

They had both witnessed one another at their worst and therefore they should stand by the other.

Yet, Li Mengyao getting together with Lu Yanzhi in the end was the biggest stab she had received.

She truly should not meet that man anymore nor help him take care of Xiao Bai.

Why should she be the one taking care of Lu Yanzhi and Li Mengyao’s son?!

And worse still, she was even reluctant to part ways with him!?