His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 899 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (19)

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Chapter 899: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (19)

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The hot topic of Qianxun’s illegitimate son had even reached the ears of Old Master Su as he gave Qianxun a call questioning her, “So, is the son yours or not? Why are you helping Lu Yanzhi take care of his son?”

“He threw his son at my place. Can I just leave the child alone?” Qianxun was exasperated.

“If you’re not the mother of the child, why would Lu Yanzhi leave the child with you? In any case, give Lu Yanzhi a call and have him come see me. This issue between you two, no matter what, I’m going to have you two explain things before my presence.” Old Master Su hung up the call curtly with his decisive decision.

Su Qianxun scrolled through the internet—her topic had yet to die down.

The engagement between her and Shi Ze was no secret. Initially, she had wanted to make use of the engagement to declare her identity. However, not only did the engagement fail, her identity was not exposed either. Some of the media and magazine companies whom they had connections with automatically withheld news of her identity as well.

Therefore, the masses only knew that her engagement was ruined and that nearly caused Shi Ze’s company to go bankrupt. Now that there was an illegitimate son popping up, there were people guessing that it might be with the Lus.

Thinking back about the feud between Shi Ze and the Lus, most of the comments were about how messy this circle was. And of course, there were even more netizens that were attacking Qianxun about how loose she was with her personal life.

Qianxun naturally knew who was behind everything. Initially, she had wanted to let Yunmeng off, since Xiao Bai was not actually hurt. But, since Yunmeng did not appreciate the goodwill, she couldn’t blame Qianxun for being unkind then.

Looking at all the insults raining down on Qianxun from the internet, Yunmeng was smirking pleasantly.

Right then, her manager marched in furiously. Clearly not sensing the displeasure of her manager, Yunmeng asked in smiles, “Do you see that? That Qianxun’s reputation is down the drains entirely!”

“Yunmeng, who told you to do all this?” Not only was her manager not as happy as she had imagined him to be, he even chided her.

Yunmeng was stunned for a moment. “Why? Qianxun’s already had rumors floating on the internet to begin with.”

“You clearly know that she already has rumors going on, so why are you still getting people to dig out more things and even incite your own fans to take part in the bashing? Are you stupid? Even though there are many rumors about Su Qianxun, you know about her background as well. Aren’t you afraid of offending her at all?” The manager’s face was panicked.

“What’s there to be afraid of? A woman who depends on men to climb? I’m not afraid of her at all!” Yunmeng was beyond arrogant.

“Depending on men… What if the man that she depends on is someone you could never afford to offend?”

“Who could be that incredible? Don’t tell me you really think that her backing is the Lu Family, eh? I’m telling you, my sister knows of people from the Lus, and her relationship with the First of the Lu Family is great!” Yunmeng announced cockily.

Her manager frowned. “Are you sure?”

“Of course!”

“Then why were you suddenly swapped out of the leading lady role for the period drama that you’re supposed to be filming in for the next half of the year?”

“WHAT!” Yunmeng was stunned.

“What? Don’t you know you shouldn’t offend Qianxun?” Her manager scolded icily. “She’s already been in this circle for so long now. The director for that drama… His previous award winning drama’s lead lady happens to be Qianxun herself! Why wouldn’t she be able to swap you out based on their connections?”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Also, there’s a rumor in the circle that Qianxun is actually someone of the Su Family… THAT Su Family. It’s only because the rumors revolving her had not stopped that people are even wondering whether that rumor of her family background is real.”

Yunmeng’s face turned pale instantly. “I’ll go look for my sister. She’ll definitely have a way of helping me!”

With that, she dashed out.