His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 898 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (18)

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Chapter 898: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (18)

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After everyone left the dressing room except Su Qianxun and Xiao Bai, she checked on him and asked tenderly, “Are you hurt anywhere? Let me see…”

“I’m not, I’m fine!” Xiao Bai suddenly smiled shyly. After Qianxun let him go, he even pecked her on the lips.

He inched toward her ears and whispered softly.

Qianxun looked at him with widened eyes, recalling about the first time they met when he started to discover that she wasn’t that fond of him. After Shi Guang left, he glared at her on purpose and complained that she bullied him after Shi Guang returned.

She did not know to laugh or cry as she pinched Xiao Bai’s cheek. “You little rascal.”

Even though that was just a little fiasco, it was almost certain that rumors of her having an illegitimate son were going to spread out. And, it was going to be firm that Qianxun was the one who confirmed it.

Indeed, the hot searches on the following day were about Qianxun’s illegitimate son.

It raged for the entire day.

Through that small accident, Xiao Bai could also feel that Qianxun’s fondness toward him was sustained.

With that, he grew bold and stuck to Qianxun even more. Initially, she was still rather uneasy about it, but later on, she got used to it.

When they were about to sleep at night, Xiao Bai did not want to leave her, and followed her into the bedroom like a tail of hers, asking meekly, “Mummy, can I sleep with you?”

Qianxun looked at that anticipating and hopeful look of his. Hesitating for a moment, she nodded her head.

Xiao Bai’s eyes lit up as he took his shoes off immediately before burrowing under the blanket. After Qianxun got onto the bed, he burrowed into her embrace as well.

He wrapped his little arms around her neck and rested his head on her bosom, muttering in happiness, “Mummy, you’re indeed my mummy!”

Su Qianxun did not know when her heart had turned into a puddle. But still, she wanted to explain, “I’m not your mummy.”

Xiao Bai raised his head and kissed Qianxun on the cheeks before declaring firmly, “Nonono! You are my mummy!”

Su Qianxun said in a resigned manner, “You can call me mummy, but I’m not your birth mother.”

Xiao Bai smiled gently while watching her brightly. “But what if you’re my birth mother? What will you do?”

Qianxun smiled and reversed the question, “What do you want me to do?”

“You’ll do anything I want?”

Qianxun raised her brow. “…”

This smart little kid is already thinking of setting the terms with her?

“If I’m your mother, I’ll naturally do anything you want me to.” If her child was still around, she would probably do the same and agree to everything.

“Okay, that’s settled then. No regrets, alright?” Xiao Bai then wanted to pinkie promise with her.

Qianxun smiled and pinkie promised. “But, if I’m really your mother and you can only choose between daddy and mummy, who would you choose?”

Xiao Bai froze for a moment before asking her confusedly, “Why must I choose? Can’t we be together with daddy?”

“I’m just asking casually. Well, not like it’s possible anyway.” Qianxun fondled his head. “Alright, get to sleep. It’s late.”

She then closed her eyes and hugged him.

Xiao Bai was obedient and found a comfortable position, hugging Qianxun’s waist before falling asleep as well. However, Qianxun did not fall asleep that quickly as she looked at this cool little face that resembled Lu Yanzhi’s and spaced out…