His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 896 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (16)

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Chapter 896: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (16)

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The manager sweated. “Why are you fighting with a kid?”

He turned around at Xiao Bai and said cordially, “Little buddy, we’re friends of your mother. What happened earlier on was a misunderstanding.”

Xiao Bai turned his cheek away coolly. “Misunderstanding? I heard everything loud and clear. No wonder she’s so ugly with a mouth that venomous. Well, only ugly women are that good at scolding others.”

The most important thing to Yunmeng was her looks—she was a babe with a huge following. Each time she posted anything, there would be millions of fans that would comment on her beauty on her Weibo. To think that a brat would be scolding her as ugly right now! How could she take that in!

She spun around and glared at Xiao Bai in a huff. “What did you say, you bloody brat?”

She strutted over with her heels right in front of Xiao Bai, intending to teach him a lesson as she reached out to grab at him. However, his fast reflexes dodged her easily as he even bent down and ran through Yunmeng’s legs while trampling on them.

“AH!” Yunmeng shrieked out in pain.

She raised her leg. However, because she was wearing heels, she lost balance with a single leg and collapsed at the side against a chair before toppling onto the ground.

“You bloody brat! If I catch you, you’re dead!” She was so pissed that she roared out at Xiao Bai while pointing a trembling finger at him. She crawled up while ordering her manager. “Catch him! Hurry and get him!”

Xiao Bai was a sharp boy and would definitely not stand there to be caught.

He spun around, wanting to run instantly. However, because of winter, he was wearing too many clothes, and the cape of his hoodie was whisked by the manager.


Right then, the door opened as Qianxun, her assistant, and some staff entered.

Instantly, everyone inside the room froze in motion.

Qianxun furrowed her brows. “What’s going on here?”

When he heard that, the manager panicked and let go of Xiao Bai’s hoodie. At the same moment, Xiao Bai bawled out in tears while rushing into Su Qianxun’s embrace, complaining in a dismal and sad voice, “Mummy, mummy, save me! Please save me, mummyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

That statement truly sent shivers down everyone’s spines as their jaws dropped.

Qianxun’s son?

To think that Qianxun would have a son…!

Qianxun was already used to this scene after what happened with the ‘mummy’ bomb back at the engagement. This time around, she wasn’t that stumped as she looked at Xiao Bai’s scared face. A single look was enough for her to tell that he was bullied—it was only normal for a child to seek their mothers when they were bullied.

Thus, she did not expose Xiao Bai. Instead, she was worried. “What happened?”

Xiao Bai raised his head at her as tears flowed down that exquisite face of his. He then choked. “M-Mummy, they were s-scolding you and even wanted to b-beat me…!”

He then pointed at Yunmeng and her manager.

Yunmeng and manager: “…”

They looked at Xiao Bai in disbelief.

That little brat was all fierce just moments ago! How was he crying limply against Su Qianxun all of a sudden?

And the main point was, since when had they beaten him? They merely grabbed onto the back of his hoodie…