His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 895 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (15)

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Chapter 895: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (15)

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After 7 Up went out, the fatigued Xiao Bai finally found some peace. If he were to marry a wife in the future, she must definitely not be a sweet little silly girl as such—they should either be as pretty and cute as his little auntie or as cold and beautiful as his mummy.

He leaned back against his chair and closed his eyes, wanting to rest for a little while when the door was pushed open, followed by a displeased voice.

“Why should Qianxun get to use this dressing room? Even if it’s not used right now, I can’t use it? So, my status is inferior compared to Qianxun right now? Given my current status, why should I squeeze with all the others out there?” A shrill voice rang out.

“Isn’t it just a dressing room? Do you have to get so worked up?” A male voice comforted her.

“Of course, I do! Weren’t you the one who said that I’m the true top gun? Why am I always a level beneath Qianxun then? What’s the boss thinking? Does Qianxun have an affair with the boss? Otherwise, why else is she the one always getting conveniences?” That woman’s questions were direct and blunt. “You’re my manager! You should be helping me!”

“Yunmeng, boss said that she has backing.”

“I’m so darned pissed! Isn’t Qianxun going to break the contract and go over to the new company with Li Yangyang already? Yet, we’re still so accommodating to her. What’s the big deal about having an affair? Who knows how many men have slept with her and made use of her body? That f*cking sl*t Qianxun is even hogging over this dressing room right when she’s about to leave!” The voice of the woman called Yunmeng was filled with indignance and anger.

Those scornful words were taken in without anything being missed out by Xiao Bai.

Instantly, the face of little Lu Yubai turned dark as a sharp glint that did not belong to someone his age lit up at the corner of his eyes.

Standing up from his chair, he looked at the woman who was insulting Qianxun with a deadly killing aura—one that was similar to his father’s. This was a completely different person from the usual graceful and charming little boy.

And it was then that Yunmeng and her manager realized that there was a child in the dressing room! It was because Xiao Bai was blocked by the huge chair in the dressing room that they had no noticed him earlier on.

“Where’s this kid from?” Yunmeng asked irritatedly before looking at Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai’s eyes that were extremely striking to Qianxun’s phoenix eyes were locked onto Yunmeng with a chilling sharpness, causing her to break into a momentary shudder.

Instantly, she regretted her reaction—what was she getting scared over a child for! She looked at her manager. “What’s going on? Who brought a kid to the film set!”

The manager was stunned as well. “This child is somewhat familiar. Could the reason why Qianxun’s hogging over this dressing room today despite not using it be because of this child?”

When she heard that, Yunmeng sized Xiao Bai up.

She then scoffed coldly. “Indeed, their eyes resemble one another. This must definitely be Qianxun’s b*stard child. After her skanky ways outside for the past few years, it’s no surprise that she would pop out a baby. To think that she has the cheek to bring him here.”

“Venomous… Ugly… Woman!” Xiao Bai spat out those 3 words coolly.

Yunmeng froze, thinking that she had misheard. By the time she realized she had not, her face was shrouded with darkness as she barked out, “What did you say, brat?”

Xiao Bai raised his brow and looked at her warily. “You’re even getting fierce at children?”

Those words caused Yunmeng’s face to turn even darker as she pointed at Xiao Bai speechlessly.

Her manager tugged her back. “… Forget it, let’s just go!”

Yunmeng was thoroughly riled as she flung her manager’s arm away. “Why?”