His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 894 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (14)

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Chapter 894: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (14)

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Mummy? Sister Xun?

The assistant was dumbfounded. “…”

She looked at that petite face of Xiao Bai’s with his sharp, exquisite features. Even though he was a boy, he was definitely destined to grow up with the looks to topple an entire nation—was this the male child version of Sister Xun?

The assistant started to hyperventilate as she looked at Qianxun, who was coming forth from the kitchen with utensils.

Mamamia! I’ve discovered something big!

But, even the company doesn’t know about Sister Xun’s illegitimate son. If this were exposed…

She turned around slowly and sat on the sofa, patting her chest profusely while reminding herself that she had to keep this a secret no matter what for Sister Xun.

Su Qianxun brought Xiao Bai to wash up before returning. As she scooped him a small bowl of porridge, she said, “I’ve got something on today and will be heading out later.”

Gradually, Xiao Bai’s joyous mood dissipated as he pursed his lips unhappily. “You’re not accompanying me anymore?”

“I’ve got to work.”

Xiao Bai turned away. By the time he looked back at Qianxun, his eyes were welling with tears as though he was about to cry while pouting his lips and speaking in a coquettish tone, “What about me? Am I to stay home alone? But, granny said that children below 6 are not to be left at home alone as that’s dangerous.”

“I’ll have Sister 7 Up accompany you, alright?”

7 Up was the assistant who rushed over immediately upon hearing her name. “Sister Xun, don’t worry! I’ll definitely take good care of Xiao Bai.”

She then smiled at Xiao Bai.

Little 7 thought that her smile was extremely friendly, but Xiao Bai ended up crying. For this cool little boy to suddenly cry, Little 7 was stumped once more. “…”

Su Qianxun rubbed at her temple troubledly. “But, I’ve got to film a commercial today. I’ve got a contract for it, so I have to turn up.”

“But, I’ve never seen you film before!”

Su Qianxun strode left and right. Indeed, if she were to hand Xiao Bai to 7 Up, she would inconvenience herself at the set without her assistant as well. If that were the case, she might as well just bring Xiao Bai to the film set. It was not as though Xiao Bai was some rowdy kid who loved to play around—as long as he didn’t scurry anywhere, things should be fine.

Besides, there was nothing she could when Xiao Bai refused to be with 7 Up. With that, Qianxun could only agree.

The moment Xiao Bai heard that he wouldn’t be left behind, his tears stopped flowing and he started eating breakfast as though nothing had happened at all, shocking 7 Up to open jaws.

When she saw that Xiao Bai’s milk was almost finished, she filled his glass immediately.

Little Lu Yubai then turned at her and nodded like a gentleman, “My thanks!”

He even gave a dashing smile that caused 7 Up to feel as though her heart of a young maiden was about to melt.

Su Qianxun left Xiao Bai to 7 Up, who brought him to the dressing room without attracting much attention.

For the jewellery commercial that she had accepted earlier on, Qianxun not only had to complete a fashion shoot and projected advertisements, she would have to complement them with print advertisements. The earlier shoots all involved outdoor shoots, and were already done, leaving only the print portion which was mainly shot in a studio that was booked for today.

She left right after her makeup was done and intended to bring Xiao Bai off after ending filming earlier today as well.

7 Up wanted to play with Xiao Bai, but realized that this child was way more mature than usual, causing all her usual methods of playing with children to seem childish to Xiao Bai.

He even asked her to head out to take care of Qianxun and leave him alone.

7 Up was totally stumped, wondering if it were because children these days were way too sharp—she couldn’t get his wavelength at all!