His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 893 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (13)

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Chapter 893: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (13)

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Came night, Xiao Bai lay on the bed and called Lu Yanzhi with his phone. His small lips were all smiles as he yelled out cheerily, “Daddy!”


“I’m super happy today! Mummy brought me shopping and bought me so many clothes! She even brought me for ice cream!”

“Why is she feeding you ice cream in the middle of winter? What if you were to fall sick?”

“I wanted to eat it!”

Lu Yanzhi remarked icily, “She’s doing it on purpose so that you can fall sick and she can dump and throw you away!”

“Mummy’s not a bad person.” Xiao Bai explained for her and even shared with his father the information that he had scouted out today. “Besides, mummy doesn’t have any boyfriend! That person she got engaged with was not her boyfriend, and mummy isn’t getting engaged anymore!”

“Hmm.” Try getting engaged again—if I’m not the one marrying you, you’re not getting married!

“Hehe, mummy’s really super pretty.” Xiao Bai had always felt that his little auntie was pretty. But right now, he felt that his mummy was even prettier no matter what angle he viewed her from.

Lu Yanzhi raised his brow. “What’s the use of being pretty? Not as though looks could be eaten.”

Xiao Bai chuckled and continued. “I even kissed mummy on the face. It’s so soft!”

Lu Yanzhi: “…”

Xiao Bai continued flaunting. “Mummy said that I’m a little suave boy and treats me super nice. I think the main reason why mummy isn’t nice to you is because she doesn’t like you.”

Lu Yanzhi’s sore spot was hit. “Are you done with your nonsense?”

Xiao Bai then sighed. “Your temper is way too bad, and you get fierce out of nowhere. No wonder mummy doesn’t want to marry you even after bearing a child for you.”

Lu Yanzhi bolted upright as a deathly aura burst out from his chilling demeanor. “You keep saying mummy here mummy there. Has she acknowledged to being your mummy yet then?”

Xiao Bai pouted his lips indignantly. “Not yet…”

Lu Yanzhi then mocked coldly. “Then what are you calling her that for? Good boy, hurry and go wash up to sleep!”

Xiao Bai was just plain sad right now.


Everyone else had parents that loved one another, but why were his parents hating on one another?

The revolution had not succeeded yet—he has to continue working harder!

Even though the call with Lu Yanzhi had Xiao Bai sad for a moment, it did not dampen his chirpy mood. That night, he even had a sweet dream of his mummy going to look for his daddy, and the two of them bringing him for a fun day at the carnival.

Came morning, Xiao Bai only woke up because he fell over from the bed.

Rubbing his eyes, he walked out with high spirits. Coincidentally, Su Qianxun got up at the same time.

Qianxun’s assistant came by with breakfast. When she caught sight of this handsome little boy, she jumped with widened eyes before looking at Su Qianxun in disbelief and shock. “Sister Xun, since when have you gained yet another illegitimate child?”

Su Qianxun looked at her expressionlessly. “It was him the previous time around as well. Can’t you tell? Son of a friend.”

When she heard that, her assistant heaved a sigh of relief before smiling at Xiao Bai. “Hello, kiddo!”

Xiao Bai looked at her expressionlessly before replying coolly, “Hello, auntie!”



I’m only in my twenties, how am I an auntie…?!?!??!

She mumbled with a sad face, “Do I look very old? :(”

Xiao Bai, who had already walked off, doubled back to her before putting on a stern face. “You called my mummy Sister Xun, so I naturally have to call you auntie.”