His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 890 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (10)

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Chapter 890: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (10)

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Shang Mo’s dark eyes narrowed as he spoke blandly, “What woman? Have you checked her out?”

Big Mountain replied, “No!”

Shang Mo scoffed coldly as his lips curled up with bloodlust, his eyes turning extremely sharp. “Have I been way too tolerant to you guys recently?”

Feeling his body stiffen, Big Mountain hurriedly replied, “I’ll go do it right away.”

Shang Mo harrumphed coldly at Big Mountain’s leaving back view—how dare they let people of unknown backgrounds mix around by Rong Mo’s side? Also, what was up with Rong Mo too?

How dare he be tempted by women at such a young age! No wonder his body’s always so frail.

Not long afterward, Rong Mo prepared the dishes onto the dining table.

She had not seen Shang Mo for a long time now, and even earlier on, she did not take a good look at him. It was only now that she realized he was looking rather irritated.

Rong Mo: “…”

Did she do something to offend him again? Or, had he discovered something else and was thinking that she was out for his family fortune once more?

“Have you been doing well recently?” Rong Mo asked politely to see if there was anything she could do.

“What can go wrong around me?” Shang Mo eyed Rong Mo’s frail body and thought about how he had not grown at all for the past half a year since he had arrived. With that, Shang Mo could not help but frown. “How are you actually growing?”


“You’re almost 20 years old now, and why are you growing more feminine by the day?”

His tender skin was getting fairer by the day. But that aside, even his body was so slim! Once they were past 18, men should start bulking up and look differently from women.

Rong Mo was startled.

She looked at Shang Mo carefully. Thankfully, he was only mentioning it casually with his own displeasure about how Rong Mo was looking too feminine for a man rather than suspecting her of anything.

“I was down with an illness before I came over to the Shangs, so I’ve got to recuperate back.” Rong Mo replied calmly.

“Just recuperation alone is not enough… You’ve got to train as well. I heard from Big Mountain that you haven’t been going for the trainings conducted by your management agency. How could that do? For a man to be so feminine, it’s not as though you’re a woman…” Shang Mo’s eyes darkened as he mentioned that.

He suddenly recalled about the dream where Rong Mo was pinned down beneath him and his gender was swapped. The thought of him actually having such thoughts toward another man had Shang Mo breaking out in shivers.

Placing his chopsticks down heavily, he stood up and left, leaving a dumbstruck Rong Mo alone, wondering if she had said anything wrong once more.

It wasn’t as though she wanted to look or sound feminine either.

But, no matter how she trained or ate, it was no use—she just couldn’t bulk up, and was like a frail cat. It was all because she was a woman to begin with—no matter how much she tried to walk the path of a man, she could only imitate in appearances rather than actually becoming a real man.

Right now, Shang Mo was already voicing out his displeasures. After the new year when the weather started getting warmer and clothing got less, Shang Mo would definitely be able to tell where the problem lay.

Was what Yan Zi said true after all? Should she go look for Shi Guang and regain her true identity?

But, Yan Zi had said herself that she did not know where Mo Feifei had disappeared to post the accident. If that were the case, that meant that Chang Xiaoyang, who had appeared after the accident, was not someone working for Yan Zi.

Even if she were to go look for Shi Guang abruptly now, she would not be solving the crux of the issue.

Besides, Yan Zi had also mentioned that Su Ya was no simple character—she was the only one without some clear motive toward that bullying incident back then.

If that were the case, could she be in cahoots with Chang Xiaoyang then?