His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 889 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (9)

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Chapter 889: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (9)

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Rong Mo’s petite face was pale as a sheet as she gripped her hands tightly, digging her nails deep into her palm to endure that throbbing pain within her.

She did not know why Yan Zi was telling her everything.

Right now, she had to stay calm—she had to find out Yan Zi’s motives.

Despite how she was still silent and indifferent later on, it was clear from her expression that she was no longer as calm as before.

Looking at Rong Mo’s cautious gaze, Yan Zi could not help but chuckle out.

She then said softly, “It’s not that I’m trying to apologize to Mo Feifei. What’s done is done… Even if I apologize, it’s of no use. Besides, I’ve already gotten my revenge. My entire life is just like a never-ending joke. The people dearest to me and those I love the most gave me nothing but…”

Sniffling, she could not help but allow her tears to flow once more.

This time around, Rong Mo did not offer her any tissue. Instead, she stood up slowly and walked away without saying anything.

Yan Zi’s sobbing voice then rang out from behind her. “For everything in the past, at the very beginning, I had truly thought that it was just a common case of campus bullying. I would have never imagined that things would end up as such at the end of it all. The indirect death of Mo Feifei’s parents was something I had not considered…”

Yan Zi then continued crying. Rong Mo stopped in her tracks for a moment before walking out. She strode outside till she turned into the restroom at the side.

Locking herself in a cubicle, she could no longer endure the pain in her heart. Squatting down, that unbearable pain surged through her as tears flowed down her cheeks instantly.

Was everything that Yan Zi said true?

Could she believe what this person had just said?

Because of the bullying, because of her, her parents died in an accident. If everything that Yan Zi had said were true, wouldn’t she have been the one who had caused her parents to die and her younger sister to live life all alone, guarding over a vegetable for so many years…?

Her younger sister was so young, and yet she had to go through all of it?

And right when she was about to wake up, she was kidnapped?

But, could she trust Yan Zi’s words? Would someone that had once hurt her tell her the truth now?

Could Yan Zi perhaps be testing her and this was another setup?

How else would Yan Zi be so kind all of a sudden to tell her everything? Was this regret or another plot?

No one knew.

But even then, Mo Feifei’s heart was burning with pain that asphyxiated her, choking her in a hot and damp burn from within.

It was only when she touched her face that she found out how much she had been crying…

Rong Mo only managed to compose her emotions after much effort. However, she was still rather moody when she returned to the Shang Residences. Even when Shang Mo returned, she just gave a casual greeting before heading to the kitchen.

She wanted to head back upstairs. However, Shang Mo had been gone for so long—even if she did not want to, she should make him dinner.

When Shang Mo entered the kitchen to get a glass of water, he looked at Rong Mo preparing the food and noticed how lost she looked.

What happened?

After he was gone for so long, Rong Mo merely gave him a casual greeting without any other emotions?

Did this seem like relatives that hadn’t met for long?

Shang Mo sat down on the sofa with a black face and looked at Big Mountain while frowning. “What has he been doing all this while?”

Shang Mo was naturally referring to Rong Mo.

Big Mountain replied, “Other than acting and being trained by his manager, Mr. Rong has been at home the rest of the time. He attended Qianxun’s engagement banquet. Right, a couple of days ago, he accidentally knocked a woman over with his car, and he had been visiting the woman at the hospital daily since. He spent a long time accompanying the woman today as well.”