His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 888 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (8)

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Chapter 888: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (8)

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“I hated the Lus, and therefore, I wanted to make use of Yang Sitong to take revenge on them. I knew that Yang Sitong had grouped up together with Su Ya and Lin Yi’er to bully, beat, and humiliate you, so that you would be chased out of that school. Thus, I arranged with Shi Ze to make use of you for Yang Sitong to commit a mistake and be coincidentally caught by Lu Yanchen. For someone to die of campus violence, that would definitely be something severe and would blow up.”

Yan Zi looked at Rong Mo apologetically.

“I truly had not wanted anything to happen to Mo Feifei. In fact, each time everything happened, I would always be at the back and would try to not get involved personally if I could. My main intention was not for something to happen to Mo Feifei… it was revenge against the Lus. However, my mum found out about this entire affair and sent me abroad as quickly as she could. As to what happened to Mo Feifei thereafter and what Yang Sitong and Su Ya did to her, I knew nothing at all.”

Rong Mo did not know what sort of an expression she should be giving right now. She had thought about all plausible scenarios that could have happened to Mo Feifei, but not campus violence.

Was that how she became a vegetable?

Was it because she was beaten by them, or…?

“I initially thought that the past would just remain that way, and I even forgot about Mo Feifei entirely… until my father’s death. It was a huge blow to me. Do you know? Even after he passed away, that heartless mother of mine was still smiling day to day, thinking that she could get married to the person she wanted and live a better life than she had right now. At that time, through Su Ya and Yang Sitong, I got to know that because of what happened back then, Mo Feifei’s parents got into an accident, and she became a vegetable after jumping down due to the pressure…”

Rong Mo’s throat was practically itching to speak right now.

She wanted to question Yan Zi.

Was Mo Feifei the reason why Mo Feifei’s father got into a car accident?

Why? Why did they get into the accident because of Mo Feifei? Were they dead? Both?

To think that Mo Feifei would become a vegetable because she jumped down!

But, why?

Her heart was feeling extremely miserable right now as though a tsunami had just crashed down and was choking her to a breaking point, such that she could barely contain the outburst from the depths of her heart.

“… And her younger sister even got married to the Lus as Lu Yanchen’s wife. That was why I thought up of a revenge plot with Shi Ze to get Mo Feifei involved in everything. Even though I knew that Mo Feifei was innocent, I was filled with hatred… I just hated everything!”

Hatred? That’s the reason why you could involve someone totally unrelated just because you were filled with it?

If not for the fact that she was digging her nails into her thighs to keep herself sane, Rong Mo wouldn’t have been able to control herself!

“Mo Feifei was unconscious for 7 years, and was finally able to wake up through a surgery. With that, I had my own plans, and wanted her to wake up. However, Yang Sitong and Su Ya didn’t seem to want the same. The reason why Yang Sitong bullied Mo Feifei back then was to hide the fact that Shi Guang was the one who had saved Lu Yanchen. As for Su Ya… I don’t know her true motives till now, so I can’t tell you anything. Perhaps, she’s the one with the darkest motives till now. As for me, I wanted to make use of Mo Feifei to frame Lu Yanchen; thus, we bought over the doctor beforehand to inject some memory degenerating medicine in her. At the same time, we stole her away. But, midway through, an accident occurred and Mo Feifei went missing. I don’t know where she is…”

Yan Zi looked at the cold expression on Rong Mo’s face.

Rong Mo closed her eyes.

She was right.

She IS Mo Feifei.

She might have lost her memory, but she knew that she was Mo Feifei.