His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 887 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (7)

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Chapter 887: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (7)

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“Everyone’s life starts with a blank piece of paper. If possible, no one wants to do things that are shameless and despicable, venomous and evil. I remember that when I was young, my only wish was for my family to be peaceful and happy. Even if it were simple, happiness was all that mattered. But, I wonder when that happiness disappeared and I stopped being able to feel truly happy.”

Yan Zi scoffed bitterly as she said.

“Ever since my mum returned back to China and came back, my parents would always fight from time to time. My father’s personality changed, and my mum was acting less like a mother than ever. There was once they fought so badly that my father brought me back to China right away. That was then when I knew… my mother had betrayed my father. I hated her… I truly did. Yet, I hated the man she had an affair with even more.”

Rong Mo did not know how she should console Yan Zi.

Perhaps the elders had done wrong. But even then, what could they say when these were their elders?

Yan Zi looked at Rong Mo deeply and asked softly, “You must be feeling strange as to why I’m telling you all this, right?”

Rong Mo replied softly, “At times, one will feel better if they share things that are bothering them.”

“Haha… So, you think that I’m telling you just to feel better?” Yan Zi’s face was darkening for an impending storm.

“If… you feel that speaking makes you feel even more miserable, you should stop then.” Rong Mo then brought the porridge before her. “Eat something… There’s nothing in life that you cannot get over.”

Yan Zi reached out and ate a small mouthful of porridge.

She truly did not have much appetite as she placed the porridge back at the bedside. “The reason why I’m telling you all this is because your… or rather, Mo Feifei’s tragedy… it all began from this point.”

Mo Feifei…

Rong Mo truly wanted to know what sort of a tragedy she had faced, and she knew that Yan Zi knew the answer.

However, she was unsure if Yan Zi was telling the truth.

“Even though she was married to my father, the person that was always on her mind was her first love, Chief Lu. He is the father-in-law of Mo Feifei’s younger sister, Shi Guang… Lu Yanchen’s father. She had me think that the person whom she had an affair with was Chief Lu.” Yan Zi then scoffed bitterly once more.

She should be feeling pained right now as she clutched at her chest. “I hated Chief Lu for destroying my family, and couldn’t wish more than for him to die. However, there was no way I could get close to him given my status. At that time, I got to know a boy, someone who hated the Lus as much as I did.”

The first time she caught sight of Shi Ze, she knew that he was different from other boys of her age. She liked the way he was mature and stable.

However, the thing that attracted her the most was his common hatred for the Lus.

Each time she was unhappy or met with any difficulties, they would always confide in one another and console one another while cheering the other on. Their hatred and common goal of seeking revenge against the Lus brought them together as the closest of friends, the strongest of comrades.

“I once studied for a single year in high school here, the same school as you. Before I even knew Yang Sitong, I knew you. I knew that you were someone extremely popular in school and exceptional. However, the thing I envied the most was how you had parents that doted on you as well as a younger sister that was extremely adorable. It was just, at that time, I always thought that our paths would just be smooth sailing all the way. That was till… I got to know Yang Sitong—Lu Yanchen’s fiancée.”

Rong Mo’s smile was faint, but her hand at the side was starting to grip at the hem of her clothes.