His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 885 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (5)

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Chapter 885: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (5)

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Qianxun looked at Xiao Bai and he looked back at her, lamenting in his heart.

Even though you are pretty, your character is not gentle at all, and you don’t like to smile. Also, you’re always so cold too. No wonder daddy’s not willing to marry you even after you gave birth to me.

The way daddy always looks so irritated at the mention of you, he should have some dislike for you still.

Sigh, women should be gentler or they’d be abandoned.

If Su Qianxun knew what Xiao Bai was thinking in his heart, she would definitely spit out blood.

“I don’t know why your daddy wants to throw you here, but right now, I’m unable to contact him, and I don’t know your grandmother’s number either. Could you help me call your grandmother?”

“Granny’s not home. She’s gone over to grandpa’s.”

“When will she be back?”

“5 days later.”

Did that mean that she would have to take care of this brat whether she wanted it or not for the next 5 days?

Or, should she just dump him back at Shi Guang’s place? Or perhaps his 2nd or 3rd uncle’s place… Qianxun did not believe that none of his relatives would not take him in at all.

“Then whose house do you want to go to?”



“Because you’re my idol. I love your movies.”

Su Qianxun: “…”

She looked at that serious expression on Xiao Bai’s face and did not know whether to laugh or to cry. She wanted to throw a tantrum—that darned Lu Yanzhi! What rights did he have to dump his son at her place? This wasn’t a childcare!

But, when she looked at Xiao Bai, she felt like chuckling as well, especially when he mentioned that she was his idol.

What a cute little fan…

Forget it! Seemed like she would have to take care of him for the next 5 days.

Alright then, she’ll send him back to the Lus place right after Shen Lingshuang returns.

Turning around, she caught sight of Xiao Bai taking a piece of potato chip on a plate on the coffee table and shoving it into his mouth.

Freezing for a moment, she rushed over and peeled his mouth open with her hands. “Hurry, spit it out! That chip’s already been there for a few days now!”

“Urgh…!” Xiao Bai spat it out right away.

After pouring him a glass of water and having him rinse his mouth, Qianxun lectured him. “How can you just eat anything you see?”

“Everything on the coffee table at home is edible.” Xiao Bai rubbed his belly sadly. “And I’m hungry…”

“Your father didn’t prepare breakfast for you?”

Xiao Bai shook his head.

Su Qianxun scolded Lu Yanzhi in her heart once more—how irresponsible!

She then looked at the time. “Alright, I’ll take you out…”

Recalling how there was a flurry of events after she brought Xiao Bai out to eat the previous time around, she paused for a moment before changing her mind. “I’ll cook breakfast for you.”

She walked into the kitchen with Xiao Bai following behind like a tail of hers, looking at her boil water while taking out frozen dumplings from the fridge.

Not long afterward, the dumplings were boiling. When Qianxun scooped the dumplings out, Xiao Bai ran beside her excitedly and reached out with his stumpy hands as he tiptoed to help her take the bowls.

Freezing once more, Qianxun smiled. “Just wait for me at the dining table.”

“Ok.” Xiao Bai nodded his head obediently before running into the dining room with his bum swaying left and right before propping himself up on the chair.

When Qianxun took the dumplings out, he gulped anxiously and wanted to bite in right after she put the bowl before him. But, she stopped him immediately. “Slower, it’s hot.”


Qianxun got herself a bowl of dumplings as well. Sitting opposite Xiao Bai, she looked at how he was enjoying the food elatedly and felt a warmth spread through her heart.