His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 884 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (4)

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Chapter 884: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (4)

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Su Qianxun opened the door to find Xiao Bai standing at her doorsteps with his head raised, looking at her with a huge luggage beside him. He looked somewhat embarrassed and anxious before lowering his head apologetically while tugging at the hem of his shirt.

Su Qianxun scanned the surroundings outside—other than Xiao Bai, there was no one else, not even a single car.

She looked at him beguiled. “Why are you here? Who sent you here?”

“Daddy.” Xiao Bai mumbled before his eyes started to redden. However, he did not cry, and instead, just looked at Qianxun quietly, his expression both pitiful and lovable at the same time.

Su Qianxun felt that she should probably not get too close with this child, yet he was simply way too cute!

People generally could not resist children that were this beautiful, and would have a rather favorable impression instantly.

Since she wasn’t any common folk, just in case someone filmed them or something, she brought Xiao Bai and the luggage into her place first.

“Why did your daddy send you here?” Su Qianxun asked in confusion.

“No idea!” Xiao Bai’s gaze flinched as he replied.

He’s lying! He knows why!

Because his granny was not home, his father was the one to pick him up after school today. However, Lu Yanzhi was late today… as was the mother of Fatty—the boy who shared the same desk as Xiao Bai.

But later on, Fatty’s parents both came together for him! When Xiao Bai saw how endearing their entire family was, he felt extremely unhappy and started bugging Lu Yanzhi for his mummy back home once more. With that, Lu Yanzhi threw him here.

Su Qianxun was speechless as she took her phone and dialed Lu Yanzhi’s number. However, it could not connect.

She was so pissed she wanted to smash her phone. What was this Lu Yanzhi up to! Why did he toss his son at her?

Controlling her temper, she gave Shi Guang a call. When Shi Guang heard what Qianxun said, she nearly spat her water out. “You’re saying Yanzhi threw Xiao Bai at you?”

“Yes. Please hurry and come collect him back!” Su Qianxun walked to the balcony and growled softly.

“But… I’m not free! I’m rather busy these few days! Erm… my coach’s calling me! I think it’s for some important meeting! I’ll hang up first!”

Shi Guang then hung up as though she was in a rush.

She was no fool. If she were to go retrieve Xiao Bai after Lu Yanzhi dumped him there, she would definitely get a scolding from Lu Yanzhi!

Looking at her surprised expression, Lu Yanchen asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shi Guang wasn’t at the provincial team right now at all—she was at home. She sniggered, “Lu Yanzhi threw Xiao Bai over to Qianxun. Does mummy know about this?”

“Mummy’s gone to the base to accompany Chief Lu these few days.”

“Oh, so no one’s home?” Shi Guang then sniggered evilly.

Seemed like Qianxun truly was Xiao Bai’s mummy—but why didn’t Qianxun believe it?

Was Xiao Bai truly her son then? Or, was there some sort of a misunderstanding?

However, even if Qianxun knew that Xiao Bai was not her son, she would definitely not abuse the latter.

Su Qianxun glared at her phone after she was hung up on and clutched at her glabella frustratedly. This ingrate Shi Guang! She was clearly lying, and just did not want to bring Xiao Bai back!

Eyeing Xiao Bai, who was watching her intently from the side, Su Qianxun had an uneasy feeling.

This child was way too mature for his age and understanding. To think that he could remain this calm after his father dumped him at someone else’s house. If this were any other child, they would definitely be bawling out in helplessness by now!