His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 883 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (3)

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Chapter 883: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (3)

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Shi Guang poked him with her tongue cheekily, licking gently as well. Instantly, he caught her tongue with his as they coiled together playfully.

Recently, Shi Guang discovered that Lu Yanchen was no longer like the ‘wolf’ he was.

Previously, he was extremely savage in bed. When he was dressed, he looked prim and proper, cool and aloof—it was as though he was a wild flower that existed only on the highest of mountain peaks. But, once those clothes were off, he was just like a primal beast that had an insatiable lust.

Yet, he was much gentler recently, and would always dote on her gently instead of going wild.

And even if he were rough, it was also much gentler. In order to reward him, Shi Guang was particularly proactive tonight…

By the time Yan Zi woke up once more, she could only feel her head throbbing.

Opening her eyes, she found that her surroundings were white—this was a hospital. Thinking back to her last moments, she seemed to have been knocked down by a car, and the person who did it was Mo Feifei…

“You’re awake.” A low voice rang out beside her. Turning around, she caught sight of Mo Feifei.

Yan Zi froze up.

Was she hallucinating?

Was she already dead?

Why else would Mo Feifei be here?

“Are you alright? Feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” Yan Zi saw how Mo Feifei was smiling at her and instantly pressed the button beside her.

Closing her eyes, Yan Zi questioned if everything was her imagination. But, when she opened her eyes again, it was still Mo Feifei before her.

No… She didn’t resemble Mo Feifei in some ways too—this was Rong Mo.

Rong Mo who resembled Mo Feifei.

At that moment, a doctor came in and ran some tests on Yan Zi before leaving after ensuring that she was fine.

Rong Mo looked at her and smiled. “Don’t worry, the doctor already said that you will be fine after a couple of day’s rest. I’ll head back first then. If you require anything, feel free to have the nurses call me.”

Looking at how Yan Zi was still silent, Rong Mo smiled gently before turning around to leave.

It was only after Rong Mo’s back view left her vision entirely that Yan Zi shut her eyes troubledly.

Rong Mo?

Mo Feifei?

Why did she feel that Rong Mo was Mo Feifei?

But, if Rong Mo truly was Mo Feifei, she should hate her. Why would she save her and send her to the hospital?

God really loves to play jokes on us.

Yan Zi would have never expected that at the depths of her despair, the person who would meet with her was Rong Mo, who resembled Mo Feifei that much…

Qianxun was sleepless for the entire night as she wondered about Shi Guang’s reason for not wanting to do the test—it must be because her reason was way too outrageous.

If she were her 2nd uncle’s daughter, she could just do a paternity test directly without taking a detour to do a relationship test.

But then again, Lu Yanchen was suspicious as well—could she have hit the bullseye with her guess?

If that were truly the case, should she do a paternity test for her elder brother and her father on the sly?

But, her elder brother must definitely not know about that, or all hell would break loose in the Su Family.

Pondering over her thoughts, Qianxun only managed to fall asleep come daybreak.

Just as she was fast asleep, a relentless series of ringing came from her doorbell.

Who in the world would come ringing her doorbell so damned early! Her manager and assistant knew her house’s lock password, and would definitely not ring the doorbell like crazy.

With an irritated expression, Qianxun connected to the doorbell.

When she caught sight of the person ringing it through the video image, she was stunned.

Xiao Bai?