His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 882 - Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (2)

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Chapter 882: Shi Guang’s relationship with the Su Family (2)

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Lu Yanchen raised his brow and his lips quivered. “You don’t wish to test?”

Shi Guang bit down on her lips.

A while later, she replied, “That’s because Qianxun lied. I don’t believe that you couldn’t tell she was lying either. That part about her 2nd uncle losing a daughter and whatnot, that’s absolute hogwash. I met with her 2nd uncle at the engagement, and he was quite a graceful person. Besides, if he had lost his daughter, why not tell me himself, and instead use Qianxun as a proxy? And even more outrageous is the fact that I’m supposed to do a relationship test with Qianxun. Why go through all that trouble? I could just do a parentage test with him personally.”

Lu Yanchen asked, “Then what do you think is going on exactly?”

Shi Guang thought for a moment before analyzing. “Earlier on, you said that Yan Zi and Shi Ze were the ones who kidnapped my sister, right? Since my sister’s disappearance has nothing to do with Su Ya, why was she so anxious about me meeting with Qianxun? Of course, at that time, there was the possibility that my sister had ended up in Su Ya’s hands in the end. But later on… it just doesn’t make sense for Qianxun to come looking for me for a relationship test.”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “Therefore, Qianxun should be suspecting that I’ve got some relationship with the eldest son of the Su Family—Su Ya’s father. For example, I could be his daughter. After all, that man is well known to be a pervert, and would often look for women outside. However, not wanting the entire affair to blow up and affect her relationship with her brother and brother-in-law, Qianxun came up with this lie of doing a relationship test. Say, if I truly end up being a daughter born by that man and a woman outside, I’d really rather not know about it. So, it’s best to not take the test.”

Shi Guang sighed moodily and was speechless. If that were the truth, she would rather not know about it.

Lu Yanchen chuckled softly as Shi Guang eyed him coquettishly. “What’re you laughing at?”

He resisted laughing out and asked, “Now, you don’t see any other possibility besides that?”

Shi Guang pondered again. “Any other possibility? That’ll be that my father is a son of Old Master Su. Since my father has passed away, there’s no way for me to do a relationship test between granddaughter and grandfather. Hence, the only way to prove it would be to test between Qianxun and me?”

As she spoke, her gaze narrowed. “Are you trying to imply… that my father is Old Master Su’s son?”

“Anything’s possible?”

“Old Master Su’s family is so well to do. Why would he throw my father at an orphanage?” Shi Guang could not understand at all. However, she had seen how joyful Old Master Su was when interacting with her, as though he was her grandfather—there was just a sense of intimacy that she could not explain.

“Perhaps Old Master Su was not the one who had abandoned your father? Perhaps it was an abduction or some other reason?” Lu Yanchen felt that the entire thing sounded ridiculous as well. However, that would definitely serve to explain why Su Ya’s entire family was so obsessed with Shi Guang.

“Have you heard about Old Master Su losing a son before in the past then?”

“How old am I? Old Master Su’s so much older than I am. There are not many people of his generation who know of his affairs and are still alive. Even if there were, most of them are of high statuses. No one would bring this up out of thin air.”

“Should I do the test then?”

“I’ve already said, it’s up to you. If you want to, we’ll do it. If you don’t, we won’t.” Lu Yanchen’s slender fingers stroked Shi Guang’s cheeks as he leaned in and kissed her on the forehead extremely gently.