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Chapter 880: Enigmatic Truth (30)</em>

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Su Qianxun was bewildered—this was the first time she had heard of someone feeling nauseous instead of salivating over such scrumptious food due to eating too lightly for the past few days.

She had a thought in mind, but she did not say it out loud. After all, she had asked Shi Guang about it before, and the latter mentioned how both her and Lu Yanchen did not want children, and had taken safety precautions. Hence, Su Qianxun presumed that she was overthinking things.

“I’ll eat then!” Su Qianxun smiled before waving a huge prawn around.

Shi Guang was moody right now—she clearly loved this food, and was extremely hungry right now. In fact, she was practically salivating while watching Su Qianxun eat.

But, why did her stomach feel so terrible when she tried to eat personally?

Deciding to give it another shot, Shi Guang took another huge prawn. Yet, the moment it came close to her, she felt the discomfort once more.

Spinning around, before she could even stand up, she was already retching and rushing to the nearest bin.

There was no way Su Qianxun could continue eating in a situation as such as she rushed over to support Shi Guang, patting her on the back to ease her. “Your stomach really feels bad?”

Shi Guang retched a couple of times but there was no vomit as she waved her hands off. “I’m fine now.”

Su Qianxun got her a glass of warm water. “You sure?”

“Yeah.” Shi Guang drank the water and took the sweet potato porridge on the table over. Eating a mouthful, she found that she was truly fine.

Following that, Shi Guang tried a couple more times as well—but she would feel terrible the moment she touched anything greasy, and was fine when the food wasn’t.

Why was her stomach being so picky all of a sudden?

Su Qianxun’s gaze at Shi Guang turned even deeper—this was somewhat similar to her own pregnancy in the past…

After Shi Guang ate the porridge, she asked Su Qianxun, “So, you mentioned wanting my hair. What do you want it for?”

At that moment, the room’s door was knocked, and Lu Yanchen came in with Shi Guang’s bag. The latter smiled at him. “You guys are done eating?”

“Yeaps.” He sat down beside her before looking at her curiously—to think that she hadn’t eaten any prawns at all?

As though she knew what he was going to ask, Shi Guang spoke first, “My stomach isn’t feeling too good these days. I’m taking care of myself.”

When Su Qianxun heard that, she wanted to question if Shi Guang was pregnant when the latter spoke first again, “Eh, you haven’t answered me. Why do you want my hair for?”

Su Qianxun then sat upright and replied seriously, “To check if we’ve got any blood relation.”

“Us?” Shi Guang looked at her with widened eyes filled with incredulity before chuckling. “Why are you suddenly thinking of doing that?”

Not wanting the entire affair to blow up, she laughed out. Besides, everything was just a guess; if she was wrong, she might end up hurting her relationship with her elder brother. “My 2nd uncle has a daughter who went missing at birth. When I first saw you, I felt that you really resembled my mother. You know as well that there are so many cases about granddaughters resembling their grandmothers. Hence, I wanted to test and check if you were my 2nd uncle’s daughter.”

Shi Guang waved it off. “No way! I’m the biological daughter of my parents!”

Lu Yanchen’s eyes flickered with a sharp glint as he pursed his lips coldly and looked at Su Qianxun deeply.

She’s lying.

He had never once heard her mention anything about a 2nd uncle’s lost daughter before.

But, that guess he had earlier on… Perhaps…

Lu Yanchen smirked out before looking at Shi Guang. “Testing would be good. Perhaps it’s as your mother said, that you were picked up from the trash bin.”