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Chapter 879: Enigmatic Truth (29)

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Su Qianxun pursed her lips and replied softly, “I know what you’re thinking of. As long as things between you and our Sus don’t go sour, your company will recover quickly. It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I’m not willing to embed my family between your grudge with the Lus!”

“Don’t worry, there won’t be a next time. I don’t need you to decide right now either, but could you just consider it?” There was a hint of begging in his tone.

“Shi Ze…”

“Just consider?” He asked.

He looked prudent, as though he was afraid that she might reject him.

Su Qianxun had not seen Shi Ze this way before. Even though he was calm and graceful in the past, it always carried an air of pride—this was the first time he was actually pleading to her.

She did not know what was going on with him, but for some reason, she felt that he looked really sorry. It was as though she was his last strand of hope, and she couldn’t really reject him.

She then sighed out. “Alright! Then, regarding whether or not we’ll get engaged or resume our previous relationship, I’ll give you an answer after thinking things through.”

Shi Ze smiled before reaching out and hugging Su Qianxun.

That had her stunned. And if she did not hear wrongly, it seemed as though he had even whispered ‘thank you’ before leaving.

It was only after she watched Shi Ze’s car left that she returned to her own car and drove to the place she was meeting with Shi Guang.

They were meeting at a supper store that specialized in mini lobsters.

“Why are you so slow? I nearly starved to death!” The moment Shi Guang saw her arriving, she got the waitress to come take orders.

“You can eat first if you’re hungry.” Su Qianxun took off her hat and scarf. The waitress gasped out in surprise when her true identity was revealed.

“How could that do? Since you’re treating, we must definitely wait till you’ve arrived before ordering.” Shi Guang ordered what she wanted and pushed the menu to Su Qianxun.

Su Qianxun then ordered a couple more dishes before giving the waitress a signature which sent her leaving in high spirits.

“Not bad huh? Someone’s really popular!” Shi Guang sipped her tea and teased.

Su Qianxun did not continue on that topic and asked instead, “You’re out alone at night? What about that doting husband of yours?”

Shi Guang sniggered. “At another suite upstairs with Chu Mubei.”

Su Qianxun finally realized what was going on. “Really, you guys!”

She then sipped her tea and remarked again, “Right, where’s the stuff? Pass it to me.”

“What’s the hurry? It’s in the bag.” Shi Guang coughed out embarrassedly. “My bag’s with Lu Yanchen.”

Su Qianxun’s mouth cramped up. “Really, I’m speechless toward you guys. Alright, today, other than Xiao Bai…”

The waitress knocked and entered with the dishes and the two of them paused, only continuing after the waitress had left. “… Other than Xiao Bai’s hair, I want yours as well.”

“What do you want my hair for?”

Shi Guang said while she started wearing gloves. She picked up a huge piece of fried prawn and peeled it, preparing to eat.

The moment she placed it in her mouth, she felt a sense of nausea and disgust before even biting into it. Instantly, she put the prawn down before removing her disposable gloves and retching.

Su Qianxun furrowed her brows. “What’s wrong?”

Shi Guang replied miserably, “Recently, I just keep wanting to spit out saliva uncontrollably. It’s probably due to a bad stomach. Because of that, I’ve been trying to eat lighter food. Most likely, I overdid it for the past few days, and hence the sudden greasiness of this prawn is just too much.”