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Chapter 877: Enigmatic Truth (27)

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Su Liping’s face turned pale instantly before she put on a sullen expression and stared at Yan Zi. “Is that how you speak to your mother?”

Yan Zi glared at her fixatedly as though this was a standoff.

For a long time, Su Liping did not reply to her, and even wanted to sit down and continue eating as though nothing happened. With a furious swing, Yan Zi swept all the dishes onto the floor.


Instantly, the food was spilled while the kitchenware broke into shards that flew everywhere!

Su Liping was so rattled that she yelped out before jumping from her seat and rushing at Yan Zi. “What are you doing?”

“I’m asking you if the one you had an affair with back then was Shi Ze’s father?”

Yan Zi repeated herself as she swept the final remaining bowl on the table crashing onto the ground as well.

A shard from the broken bowl flew up and scraped at Su Liping’s hand, cutting a fiery line of blood through her fair skin.

At the sight of her daughter staring at her like an insane woman had Su Liping bursting with incredulity as she spoke with a trembling voice, “It’s already been so many years! Why are you still asking about it? Can’t you just let the past be? Even if I had let your father down back then, hadn’t I returned to his side in the end eventually…?”

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Yan Zi shrieked and cut Su Liping through her words.

Yan Zi glared at Su Liping with a never before hatred that was filled with bloodlust from the depths of her heart.

Returned to her father’s side? If not because Shi Ze’s father did not want her any longer, this woman would not have returned! And if she hadn’t returned, she wouldn’t have ruined her father’s life! Her father could have met with a better woman instead of moping in despair till his eventual death!

Yan Zi cried out bitterly. “You knew why I hated the Lus that much… You knew that I wanted to take revenge on them. Yet, you brought me into the Lus hoping that I would help you get married to Chief Lu. You also knew that I was in contact with Shi Ze, and that he hated the Lus, yet you said nothing at all…!”

Every single word she spoke felt as though it was wrenching her heart apart, such that she could barely continue.

Even though she knew what she had done and that it all had nothing to do with the Lus, this woman did not stop her at all, just for the sake of hoping to get married to the Lus.

Was this even how a mother should act?



Yan Zi could not bring herself to say anything worse than that—this was the woman who had given birth to her after all.

Turning around, Yan Zi ran out. If not for the fact that this was her mother, she would have really wanted to murder her!

The chilling cold winds gusted by her ears, tearing at her delicate skin. Despite the chilling coldness, it could not compare to the pain in her heart.

People always said that one must follow the path they chose to the very end. But, this wasn’t a path that Yan Zi had chosen—it was a back alley filled with lies and deception.

The father that loved her the most had passed away.

The mother that gave birth to her was overly selfish, and became the person she hated the most.

The only man she thought she could trust had out of nowhere turned from the confidante in her heart to a man that was just using her as a pawn for his hatred.


The disoriented Yan Zi was knocked over by a car nearby.

She fell onto the ground. Even though she knew that she wasn’t severely injured, she did not wish to get up.