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Chapter 876: Enigmatic Truth (26)

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Yan Zi cried while laughing.

That’s right, they were just working partners…

When he had gotten engaged, she was happy for him because she knew that Shi Ze did not truly like Su Qianxun.

But, when he knew about him meeting Shi Guang and was somewhat interested, she intentionally hid the fact that Littly Shi was Shi Guang, Lu Yanchen’s wife, to him. She was afraid that he would follow Yang Chifeng’s footsteps in trying to woo her and end up falling in love with her as well.

They were clearly just working partners, yet he was the one person she trusted the most in her life.

They had promised to trust one another and get revenge on the Lus, and were the closest of all comrades. Even if they didn’t get married, they would stay together forever.

She had never thought about marrying him either—he was the one who had mentioned it. But now, what did everything mean…?

It’s fine, they’ll part ways then. After all, they were working partners to begin with. It’ll just mean not working together anymore, isn’t that all?

Only, why did it hurt so much…?

The pain spread through her entire body, causing her to feel as though a thousand knives were slicing through her, causing her to bleed from head to toe.

“Did something happen to you? Did Lu Yanchen threaten you?”

10 years… They’ve known one another for 10 years now, and he was her only confidante for the past 10 years. Why was he suddenly treating her like this?

“Haha! Lu Yanchen threatening me? Why am I treating you as such? Yan Zi, don’t you get it still? You were merely a pawn for my hatred! The person I hate the most in the world isn’t Lu Yanchen who had sent my father to jail… It was the married woman who had seduced him into adultery! Get it now?” Shi Ze laughed coldly. “Giving you hope thinking that you would marry me? That was all for today so that I could take revenge on that wh*re’s daughter! That’s all!”

Instantly, Yan Zi’s mind went blank.

The married woman who had committed adultery… She bit her lips so tightly that they almost bled. After a long time, she shook her head in denial. “N-No! It can’t be! No!”

How could that be? The other party to her mother’s adultery was Chief Lu, wasn’t it?! H-How was it Shi Ze’s father…?



“Shi Ze… you’re lying, right? YOU’RE LYING TO ME, RIGHT?” Yan Zi had finally broken down as she shrieked shrilly. She glared at Shi Ze, but he could only laugh bitterly.

“Impossible! IMPOSSIBLE!” She screamed out, unable to accept the facts as she collapsed to the ground limply.


Her head smashed at the coffee table at the side, causing fresh red blood to flow out.

Shi Ze looked at Yan Zi and instantly wanted to reach out to help her. However, he endured and held himself back.

Immediately, Yan Zi crawled up. As Shi Ze watched her dashing away, an endless laughter burst out from the depths of his heart.

Lu Yanchen, you’re vicious! You’ve truly succeeded in getting revenge at me… TRULY!

Yan Zi refused to believe it, and she was going to ask her mother! Her car had never flown at such speed before as she reached home at the fastest possible speed.

Su Liping was in the midst of preparing dinner and was all smiles, ready to scoop rice for Yan Zi when she saw her.

Enduring every single bit of pain and anguish, Yan Zi glared at Su Liping and seethed her words out. “Mum, I’m going to ask you now. Was the man you had an affair with back then Shi Ze’s father?”