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Chapter 875: Enigmatic Truth (25)

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The color drained out of her face as her heart beat so furiously that it could pop out of her mouth while she tugged at Shi Ze’s arm tightly. “Shi Ze… what are you doing?!”

“Was it fun toying with me?” He glared at her angrily, wanting to decipher if she was just acting dumb. Did she know just who her mother had committed adultery with back then and was just making a fool of him, as though she was watching a clown perform?

“Have you gone crazy?! How am I toying with you? Just what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me!” Looking at that bloodthirsty look and his killing intent, Yan Zi frowned.

Shi Ze closed his eyes.

Yan Zi did not have any fear toward death, merely a concern for his wellbeing. After knowing her for so many years, he was certain that these were her true emotions right now. So, Yan Zi truly did not know just whom her mother had committed adultery with back then, and she truly believed the other party to be Chief Lu…

She was not lying to him—she was kept in the dark just like he was.

Shi Ze smiled bitterly as he gradually loosened his grip, causing Yan Zi to slide down from the railing.

When she was together with Shi Ze, Yan Zi had always been fearless. But right now, this horrifying Shi Ze had her feeling a little frightened. She raised her head and looked at him, asking warily, “Did Lu Yanchen do something to you? Threaten you that if you want to keep your company, you must kill me?”

Shi Ze did not say anything, merely looking at her and laughing ever more bitterly in irony. She truly did not know what he was thinking.

“Shi Ze, can you just say something?” The tears that Yan Zi had been enduring finally flowed out.

She reached out and held his hands. “Haven’t you said that once Lu Yanchen enters jail, you would marry me? For this promise that you’ve once made, you should at least tell me just what’s going on! If you can turn the tides against the Lus, I can just go and frame Lu Yanchen straight up!”

“Marry you?” Shi Ze suddenly bolted up from the chaise longue and shouted at Yan Zi, “That’s not going to happen!”

How could he marry the daughter of that wh*re? Impossible!

He laughed out coldly. “You really took those joking words of mine for real? Why don’t you take a look in the mirror?”

Yan Zi’s face turned frightfully pale.

She stood up slowly, looking at this man who had just ridiculed and scolded her in disbelief—was this heartless person still Shi Ze?

Shi Ze pinched her by the chin and roared, “You’re as cheap as your mother… The fact that you both are still living in this world is the greatest joke ever! Marry you? Don’t you know just how dirty you are? How could I marry you? The mere thought of me ever touching you sickens me! Disgusting!”

He then flung her head away harshly while she looked at him with widened eyes in absolute bewilderment and incredulity.

Shi Ze then sat down on the chaise longue once more before snorting coldly, “Scram! I don’t wish to see you ever again!”

“Shi Ze, we’ve known one another for so long now. Just what sort of a position did I have in your life?” Yan Zi asked fiercely, unable to stop her tears from flowing endlessly.

Shi Ze’s eyes were reddened as well, replying in cold mockery, “Haven’t I told you before? Working partners.”