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Chapter 874: Enigmatic Truth (24)

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Shi Ze eyed her before barking in frustration. “Scram!”

Yan Zi frowned confusedly, not understanding why he was throwing a tantrum at her. Seeing how he was about to drink again, she tried to take the glass of wine from his hands away, only to agitate him further as he flung her hands off.

Not standing steadily, Yan Zi fell back against the railing.

Enduring her pain, she laughed out coldly, “Isn’t this just a single loss? Do you have to give up on yourself just because our plan failed? Where did we lose? Merely to the fact that the Lus have power and status! That doesn’t mean that you’re inferior compared to Lu Yanchen! The way you’re behaving isn’t’ like the Shi Ze I know!”

Shi Ze’s gaze narrowed as he glared at her icily. “You don’t know the reason?”

“What reason should I know?” Yan Zi furrowed her brows. “I merely know that you’re not behaving like the Shi Ze I know. Have you forgotten about the past when we were the most miserable? That was the toughest period of our lives, and yet we tided through it together. You hate the Lus, and so do I. We told ourselves that we have to live on fully so that we can wait and watch the day they topple over. We were alright with things even back then, let alone this temporary setback. Besides, the company is fine as well. Give it some time… Once everything calms down, we’ll definitely be able to get your company stocks up given your capabilities!”

Shi Ze went silent for a moment before scoffing coldly, looking at her in bitter irony.

If there ever were a person he was the closest with and could trust the most other than his mother in this world, it would have to be Yan Zi.

The feeling between them was indescribable.

It was intimate yet distant at the same time.

It was similar to love, yet wasn’t entirely that.

If they claimed to be friends, they were way closer than that. But lovers? They hadn’t thought about truly getting together before.

Yet, both of them were convinced in their hearts that this was the one person they would never ever betray or hurt.

That was because… they had a common enemy.

When they got to know one another, their motives were clear as well—to take revenge on the Lus and rise above them, letting the Lus regret ever letting them down.

All of a sudden, Shi Ze suddenly realized that Lu Yanchen was the scariest person in this world.

Or perhaps, Lu Yanchen was the person who understood him the most—he knew who Shi Ze truly hated in his heart.

It was the woman who had seduced his father into adultery back then. If not for that woman, the relationship between his parents wouldn’t have fallen to the depths, and his father wouldn’t have gone seeking alcohol or killing someone by accident.

He hated how the woman wanted to be with his father despite the fact that she was already married and had her own family.

In order to take revenge on Lu Yanchen, he made use of tons of methods and came up with dozens of ideas. Yet, none of them achieved the desired effects.

On the other hand, Lu Yanchen merely had to tell him a single truth to take his revenge on Shi Ze.

Just who in the world was that woman who had caused Shi Ze’s father to commit adultery?

As long as that truth was revealed, it would destroy everything that Shi Ze had built up over these years, causing him to feel like a fool that had been duped by Yan Zi for so long.

The deranged and somewhat despondent Shi Ze had Yan Zi feeling fearful.

A bad feeling streaked through her mind as she felt in her guts that something terrible was about to happen. Gripping Shi Ze’s hand, she asked, “Just what’s wrong with you?”

He glared at her coldly. Suddenly, he grabbed her by the arm and slammed her against the railing.

Yan Zi was thoroughly shocked—if Shi Ze were to use force right here, she could fall off the railing entirely…