His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1360 - A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (10)

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Chapter 1360: A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (10)

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While she was choosing a book, someone suddenly opened the door. Before Mo Feifei could even see who it was, she knew it was Shang Mo for she heard his voice.

Since he was on the phone, Mo Feifei, who was behind the bookshelf, remained silent in an attempt not to disturb him. “Three months? We definitely wouldn’t make it in three months! Simply making the wedding dress needs half a year! Wouldn’t that be unfair to Feifei?”

Shang Mo talked on the phone while he picked a document up from his desk.

Mo Feifei chuckled. “…”

She guessed that he was still in the meeting when Granny called him. However, it would not look good if he were to answer it in front of his employees. After all, he had to talk nicely to his Granny and that would only ruin his employee’s perception of him being overbearing. So, of course, he probably had to blurt out an excuse in which he needed to go back to his office to take a document.

Otherwise, what other reasons could there be for a boss like him to personally go back to his office to take an insignificant document?

Upon seeing that Shang Mo was going to turn around and leave, Mo Feifei wanted to stop him, only to hear the following sentence. “Granny, I have already said that we would definitely get married within half a year!”

“She won’t be going anywhere! I shall not talk with you any further since I am in a meeting now. I will bring her to visit you for the weekend.”

Hearing that, Mo Feifei froze and she swallowed all the words which she wanted to say earlier.

Get married in half a year’s time?

But she did not want to get married so soon. Didn’t they already make a deal that she would study overseas for the next three years?

Moreover, what about her not going anywhere? Where was she not going to? Was he referring to her going abroad for her advanced studies?

Or was he just coaxing Granny or did he already have an answer in his heart? But how was he so sure that she would not go overseas?!

Mo Feifei sighed and felt rather troubled. She walked out of Shang Mo’s office and went downstairs. Not long after she sat down on her seat, she received Shang Mo’s call.

“Big Mountain said that you came upstairs, where are you?”

“I went upstairs to deliver a document, but I could not wait for you for too long so I went down first. I still have other work to settle.”

“Let’s have dinner tonight?”

Mo Feifei hesitated for a while and replied, “But I have already asked my younger sister out for dinner.”

Before she applied for her visa, she sent her personal documents over for them to check and they even confirmed that her chances of getting a visa were as high as ninety-nine percent, but why didn’t she get it in the end?

The other party even said that the possibility of her staying abroad was very high.

She did not wish to let her imagination run wild or even suspect anyone. She just hoped that Shang Mo said those words because he wanted to coax Granny.

In the evening, Mo Feifei came alone to the meeting destination. Shi Guang looked behind Mo Feifei before looking at her and asked, “You came alone? Where’s Mr. Shang?”

“He is very busy so I didn’t tell him about today’s dinner.”

“Even if he is busy, he still has to eat,” mumbled Shi Guang as she pulled Mo Feifei by the hand to her seat.

Not long after they sat down, Wang Caichun also came alone and that made Shi Guang very stumped. “Why did you come alone as well? Where’s Mu Chubei?”

“I don’t know.” Wang Caichun gave Shi Guang a fake smile.

“He is with Yiren. He will be coming soon.” Lu Yanchen casually replied to Shi Guang and darted his gaze towards Wang Caichun.

Shi Guang: “…”

She glanced at Wang Caichun’s listless expression. What was happening? Could it be that Mu Chubei and Shen Yiren were really together?


After all, Shen Yiren was a devoted person and would not give up on Big brother.

She probably only treated Mu Chubei like a brother.

Moreover, Mu Chubei did not seem like he loved Shen Yiren.

Noticing Shi Guang’s gaze on her, Wang Caichun equally looked towards her and immediately broke into a smile. “Why are you looking at me like that? They look quite matching with one another! They are a match made in heaven!”

“Are you sure?” Upon mentioning Mu Chubei and Shen Yiren, Shi Guang could sense that Wang Caichun was not very happy about it.