His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1357 - A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (7)

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Chapter 1357: A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (7)

Mo Feifei thought Shang Mo was terribly naughty. She still preferred him with his glasses on so that he would not act so brazen and free-willed.

After their bath, both of them headed downstairs to eat their breakfast. Shang Mo wanted to send her off to work, but she rejected him.

Mo Feifei was already at the company for quite a time now when she received a bouquet of bright red roses.

She was stunned.

Her colleagues were shocked, too.

Mo Feifei had good social skills, so although it had only been months since she joined the company, she already won all of her colleagues over.

Now, when they saw that she received such a large bouquet of roses, they immediately turned towards her and chattered around.

“Is Feifei in love?”

“If she is in love, then why would that person still send flowers? Maybe he’s still pursuing her?”

“Who is it? Is he from our company?”

“We will know once we look at the card!”

“Feifei, quickly look at it!”

Her colleagues winked at her. They all had a hopeful look on their faces as though they were the ones in love when in actual fact, they were feeling happy for Mo Feifei.

Mo Feifei blushed from her colleagues’ teasing and felt uneasy. Everyone urged her to open the card that came along with it, but she was rather unwilling because she feared Shang Mo’s name would be written on the card.

If Shang Mo really sent the bouquet of roses, wouldn’t everyone know that she’s together with him?

Luckily enough, a card was not in sight. Mo Feifei needed not to flip any cards.

Everyone was especially disappointed, but they still surrounded Mo Feifei. They asked, “Who sent the flowers, Feifei?”

“Yeah, don’t be shy. Quickly tell us.”

Mo Feifei shot them a puzzled look and shook her head. “I don’t know either.”

Actually, she knew that this bouquet of roses should have been sent by Shang Mo because other than him, nobody else would send it.

As expected, after her colleagues dispersed, she received Shang Mo’s call. His deep voice drifted through the phone. “Did you receive the flowers? Do you like it?”

“I like it, thank you. But why did you send me flowers all of a sudden?”

Shang Mo curled his lips into a faint smile. “I just suddenly remembered that I haven’t sent you flowers before.”

Mo Feifei: “…”

Did he have short-term memory loss? What did he mean by he hadn’t sent her flowers before? After he found out that she was Rong Mo, he pursued her and could not wait to place a whole flower garden on her house. Even the corridor was filled with bouquets of roses, making her caught between laughter and tears.

She laughed. “Did you forget the incident about the bouquets of flowers in the corridor? Next time, don’t bother to send me flowers since I don’t quite like it either.”

Of course, he remembered. He just did not want to keep the experience of rejection as a memory. Shang Mo asked, “Then, what do you like?”

“I don’t like anything in particular,” Mo Feifei said after much thought.

“I thought you would say… I like you.” Shang Mo’s mouth willfully curled up and his tone had a flirty vibe.

His tease made Mo Feifei’s face flushed red. She looked around to ensure nobody was looking at her before giving a small cough. She said, “Okay… let’s stop talking. I need to work.”

“Let’s eat lunch together?” Shang Mo asked her.

“I may not be able to as I have to settle my Visa for my overseas studies.”

On the other end of the phone, a hint of coldness flashed past Shang Mo’s eyes, but then it glinted cheekily. With a devilish smile, he said, “So rushed? Don’t you want to get married to me before you leave?”

His thin lips spoke those words with a hoarse and scalding hot voice. Warmth filled Mo Feifei’s heart as she said, “Can we make it in time? Won’t it be too hasty?”

“It is indeed quite hasty.”