His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1355 - A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (5)

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Chapter 1355: A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (5)

Shang Mo: “…”

He understood. Of course, he did. He should be angry, but once he saw her gentle and beautiful smile, even if he was displeased, he could not seem to bear anger towards her.

He lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Mo Feifei did not step back and raised her head to chastely kiss him back.

But a kiss was not enough for the desires he suppressed in his body exploded like a volcano. He lifted Mo Feifei’s waist and turned her around. He then pinned her on the bed. In the midst of it, he continued to fervently kiss her.

At that moment, all words became shallow talk.

Only the movements of their bodies could strongly express their love for each other.

Mo Feifei felt confused but she could still feel his possessiveness.

Her whole body felt as though she was placed in running water, and it generated heat inside her. His hand landed on her body and every touch lingered.

Her heart felt as though something dripped on a lake and formed ripples. Mo Feifei’s hand unconsciously enveloped Shang Mo’s neck as she tortuously squirmed under him. It was as though she was a plant living in the desert and was waiting for the nectar to form.

She squirmed and then she moaned, “…Shang Mo… I feel terrible.”

She needed him to move, but he, on the other hand, silently enjoyed that tightness.

Only when she seductively pleaded for mercy, did Shang Mo look at her. He raised his right hand and held her chin to kiss her lips. “I just love to see you feel terrible…” Then, he started to move.

She was a little angry after that session. But Shang Mo had other thoughts, he hugged her from behind and pinned her down. He leaned into her ear and said, “It’s not enough.”

Mo Feifei lay sideways on Shang Mo’s arm and he pressed against her tightly. She turned around and frustratedly looked at him. “You still have the energy to go another round?”

“Don’t even mention once…” He tormented her and kissed her ear before he heaved a sigh. “I can still do it… ten more times!”

Mo Feifei’s body stiffened.

Shang Mo was an evil demon. He could attract others to fall into his demonic ways and they could only follow him.


His left hand gripped her right hand and interlocked them. After which, he kissed her tightly on the lips.

She could neither move forward nor retreat and in the midst of her comfort, she felt miserable.

The feeling this time was different than before.

It was not frightening to meet either a deity or a demon.

But meeting a two-faced man who was like a deity and a demon was what was truly frightening.

Mo Feifei tried to stop her moans and reached out to hug him.

She wanted to appease him, but…

She suddenly thought about something. Women are meant to be nourished by men…

The bedside lamp was on and it gave off a faint yellow light all around the room. She had fallen unconscious a few times, but his movements woke her again and again.

He really did not know how to restrain himself and went a little crazy. Sourness filled her eyes and Mo Feifei felt strangely aggrieved.

Shang Mo could tell that she was getting ahead with her temper, so he leaned over and coaxed her. “You are going overseas soon, so can’t you humor me a little?”

Mo Feifei maintained her position and did not move, but her heart softened up from his words.

“Fei Er, Fei Er…” He called her name in a gentle voice which had a hint of lingering romantic sentiment. Then, his kiss landed on her shoulders and back.

“…Do you like me to call you like this?”

“Or do you prefer me to call you Feifei?”

“What kind of position do you like?”

“Do you need me to be more gentle?”