His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1354 - A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant To Be! (4)

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Chapter 1354: A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant To Be! (4)

As his breathing turned erratic, Shang Mo suddenly let go of Mo Feifei and stepped away from her. Mo Feifei’s lipstick painted his lips into a cozy red color, and with that, he looked more devilishly handsome than before. He asked in a hoarse tone of voice, “Do you still remember what happened after I got drunk that night?”

Mo Feifei, who was still in a daze, suddenly snapped out of her trance.

How could she forget what happened that night? Shang Mo forcefully took her virginity in his drunken state…

“I don’t remember it anymore.” Mo Feifei struggled out of his grip, however, this only made Shang Mo hold her tighter and keep her in his arms until both of their bodies tightly pressed against each other.

“In that case, I will make you remember it again.” Shang Mo’s attractive voice was laced with sexiness. Also, since his robe was half open, it exposed his toned and sexy chest.

His handsome features made him look more devilish and charming than usual. His gaze on Mo Feifei’s was as sharp as that of an eagle.

He looked as if he was expecting something, and with such expectations, he was ready to give his all. But then again, something seemed to hold him back. Mo Feifei saw the hesitation in his eyes as she looked closely.

Through his eyes, she could clearly see that this devilishly charming and handsome man truly loved her.

Her fingers gently caressed his face. “Has… your anger been appeased?”

He rubbed his nose against hers and hoarsely asked, “If I tell you that it hasn’t and will continue on, are you up for the challenge?” He even purposely knocked his nose onto hers teasingly.

“How scary can it be?” asked Mo Feifei. Her eyes zoomed out of focus as she looked at him.

“You know what I mean…” Shang Mo leaned closer to her ear and whispered, “You know? I am not afraid of gods, ghosts, or even the heavens. But I am most afraid of you…”

Mo Feifei felt perplexed by his words. “Afraid of me doing what?”

“I am afraid that you might never come back after you leave, so please don’t leave? For my sake? I promise that I will treat you well in the future.” Shang Mo closed his eyes, only to open it again with an alluring glint in them.

Mo Feifei furrowed her eyebrows. “…”

The nice atmosphere was suddenly destroyed.

After a moment, she asked in a gentle tone of voice, “But do you know that the reason I’m leaving is also for you?”

Shang Mo: “…”

“You forcefully barged into my life and even made things difficult for me. And although I did not want to become your girlfriend, I couldn’t help but feel attracted to you. Between us, you are like a brave eagle who does whatever and stands at the top of the mountain, but I am different. I am like a snail who has to do everything one step at a time… This is the difference between a rich family and a normal one. You may still think that I am a descendant of the Su Family but my younger sister and I did not grow up there. We had to rely on ourselves for everything we wanted to do. If I wanted an outstanding man like you to be my boyfriend, I would have to work hard. Just like how a man has to work hard to prove himself if he wants to marry a pretty and lovely wife. Otherwise, even if he ends up marrying her, she might still elope with another man sooner or later.”

“I am not…” ‘A pretty and lovely wife. What kind of stupid analogy is this?’

Mo Feifei cut him off and lowered her eyes before continuing. “I know I am not a pretty or lovely wife, all I know is that you are a dominant man. When you asked me to stay for you, you are actually restricting me into a circle. It is the same as without your permission, I can forget about going anywhere. But I have my dreams too… With that said, I am aware that a lot of women like to rely on men and would define success as marrying a good man. This mindset has not changed since the olden days and most women would accept it this way too, but as much as I am an ordinary woman, I do not want to…”

She raised her eyes and stared straight into Shang Mo’s eyes before chuckling. “You understand my intention for telling you all of this, right?”