His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1353 - A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (3)

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Chapter 1353: A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (3)

Right after Mo Feifei said her piece, the atmosphere immediately turned awkward. It was especially so for Shang Mo. He looked very uncomfortable as though he was facing someone weird. ‘I must have addressed him very weirdly just now.’

Her voice was so stiff that it sounded as if something was stuck in her throat. It was so awkward that even she herself thought she sounded off, much less Shang Mo who was listening to her.

She was so bad at acting cute that it seemed as if she was feeding him poison.

Mo Feifei felt at a loss because of her bad coaxing skills—coaxing men really was not her forte. “Erm, erm, I was just joking with you… please don’t be mad.”

Shang Mo’s gaze deepened as he swooped her into his arms in a swift action. He looked at her with a deep gaze and raspily said, “What did you call me just now?”

Mo Feifei blinked her eyes. She was feeling rather stumped BY Shang Mo’s actions. “N—Nothing…”

Shang Mo’s gaze became deeper as he lowered his voice and asked again, “What did you call me just now? Huh? Say it again.”

His deep and pitch-black eyes looked as if it was a mega magnetic field attracting all of the wonders in this world. Mo Feifei stared at his eyes in bewilderment and felt as though his eyes would suck her entirety in.

‘Call him big brother… again?’ Considering how awkward and stiff she sounded, wouldn’t it better if she didn’t call him that way? After all, she did sound as bad as a duck singing. Mo Feifei mumbled, “Shang Mo?”

“That’s not it.”

‘Not… his name?’ Mo Feifei’s ears drooped downwards and she pursed her lips. “…”

‘Must she really call him big brother?’ She bit her lips and awkwardly said, “B—Big brother Shang?”

Hearing such a cute greeting, Shang Mo instinctively curled his lips up. While he looked very happy, he ended up saying, “What are you even saying? You sound like a weirdo. As a girl, shouldn’t you speak more gently?”

She raised her head and looked at him with twinkling eyes. She gave a helpless chuckle and tried to sound as gentle as she could. “Big brother Shang.”

All she did was to sound a little more natural than before, yet her very words numbed every part of Shang Mo’s body.

Shang Mo lowered his eyes to face her. He really felt like… bullying her!

He really wanted to pin her down and harshly spoil her!

“It is impossible for me to get mad at you.” Shang Mo looked at him with his eyes twinkling brightly. He pursed his lips and leaned forward until their lips were only an inch apart from each other.

“Huh?” Mo Feifei looked at him in confusion.

“Kiss me.” Shang Mo enunciated those two words in a slow and teasing manner.

Mo Feifei: “…”

“Are you not willing?” Shang Mo slightly raised his handsome brow as both of them stood very close to each other. Mo Feifei could feel his hot breath on her earlobe and it made her feel numb and ticklish at the same time.

A tingling feeling crept up her body while she looked at him in surprise. He actually wanted her to kiss him!

Just by kissing him, would he not get angry? She slowly tiptoed and hooked her arms around his neck. Copying the way he kissed her, she kissed his lips.

His lips were cold but at the same time, they were soft and as delicious as the jelly she used to eat when she was young.

Shang Mo’s body turned stiff for he did not expect her to kiss him. For a brief period of time, he remained stumped and only snapped back to his senses the moment Mo Feifei pulled away from him.

He immediately held the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. He domineeringly forced his tongue into her mouth and fiercely kissed her. It was as if he was giving his all in this very kiss.

Her brain totally went blank from the kiss while her limbs went numb and she stood rooted on the ground. Her throat uncontrollably trembled, causing gentle moans to escape through her mouth.