His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1351 - A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (1)

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Chapter 1351: A Rising Storm! A Love That Was Never Meant to Be! (1)

Mo Feifei nervously laughed. “Are you aware of RISD? It’s the first-ranked design institute on Business Insider. It is also recognized as a top university that combines the arts and design together world-wide and has over a hundred years of history…”

When he heard what she had to say, Shang Mo’s smile stiffened and it vanished as he slowly realized what she wanted to say.

Suddenly, the atmosphere turned grim.

“This university fascinated me and hence I handed over my application. A few days ago, I received the university’s official admission letter…” Mo Feifei calmly said with a discernible gaze.

Shang Mo silently looked at her but at the same time, his eyes burned with fury. He looked at her for quite some time, and it was only after a while that he finally calmed down. He helplessly stroked her chin and broke the silence by saying, “So, are you telling me that you want to study at RISD?”

“Their university’s admission application deadline was on the 1st of February.” She meant that before she agreed to be with him, she had already applied for admission to the university.

Shang Mo felt as though someone stuffed grass down his throat, and it was choking him miserably.

Mo Feifei smiled. “When you have time, you can fly over to see me. And in turn, I will definitely fly back to accompany you when I am free.”

She reached out to grab his hand. But for the first time after they got together, he shied away from her touch.

“Do you know how long you will be there for?”

“Three years.”

“Since you are aware that it’s for three years, then are you going to let us end up like the cowherd and the weaver girl? After you graduate, are you going to work for another three years? Three years are going to pass again and again! Then, what if you want to do something again, are you going to need another three years?” Shang Mo’s tone was very harsh.

Mo Feifei breathed in. The atmosphere seemed tense, thus she did not make a noise. Even if six years passed, it had nothing to do with their relationship.

Shang Mo darkened his face and said, “If I won’t let you go, will you agree?”

Of course, she wouldn’t agree. But the moment she saw the dark, furious look on Shang Mo’s face, she held it in and instead, she said, “Everyone has their own aspirations… you must have one, right?”

One had to have aspirations in their life. If one had no goals, no dreams, no aspiration, they would lose themselves and live a meaningless life. They would be at a loss and clueless about their reason for living. Then, how was one any different from a lazy bum?

“I am your aspiration. What else can you possibly want if you already have me?” Shang Mo finally gave a smile as his fingers gently caressed Mo Feifei’s face. He coaxed her in a warm voice, “Be obedient. How about finding a local university? I can help you contact them?”

“It’s very difficult to get into this school. Moreover, there are only limited admission seats.”

It was ranked by the Business Insider as a top university—a world-wide recognized design institute! She must have gone bonkers if she chose to forgo such a good university and study at a local university instead!

Shang Mo lowered his voice and snarled, “So, you must go then!”

Mo Feifei complied with her original intention and nodded her head. “Hmm.”

Shang Mo’s eyes darkened and he intently gazed at Mo Feifei. He could not stand the calm look Mo Feifei had on her face for it seemed as if she was there only to notify him. It made him feel that from the start, their relationship was something optional to her.

He looked away and stood up to leave.

Mo Feifei felt uneasy. She softly called out, “Shang Mo.”