His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1349 - So Sweet! Public Display of Affection is Everywhere! (9)

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Chapter 1349: So Sweet! Public Display of Affection is Everywhere! (9)

“It’s very easy. As you hug his arm, pretend like you are a cat cuddling in his embrace. After that, you can coax him in a sweet and gentle voice…”

“Alright, alright. I got to go.” Mo Feifei quickly alighted from the car.

Shi Guang rolled down the car window and screamed from behind her. “Good luck! I believe you can do it.”

Mo Feifei was caught between laughter and tears.

Acting cute? Shang Mo was unlikely to fall for such tricks. Zhu Yuyu and Annie Zhao acted cute in front of him before, but he did not even bat an eyelid.

Mo Feifei bought some groceries back home and prepared them. As she started serving the dishes she cooked on the table, someone suddenly hugged her from the back. With their bodies pressed against each other, they were so close that they could even feel each other’s breath and heartbeat sounds.

Shang Mo breathed into her ear, and seductively asked her, “Considering that you came back so early and even made dinner, were you aware that I was coming back to the country today?”

Mo Feifei turned around to face him, and she explained, “I took the day off in the afternoon to visit my little aunt with my younger sister.”

“Did you miss me?” Shang Mo lovingly looked at Mo Feifei and then raised his left hand to gently caress her face. He then slowly lowered his head…

It seemed as if he was going to kiss her in the next second and that made Mo Feifei’s heart skip a beat. Thump, thump… Her heart was in her mouth.

Feeling his hot breath on her skin, Mo Feifei’s heart continued to race while a voice in her heart screamed. ‘Is he going to kiss me? He is going to kiss me again!’

Seeing that his lips were almost going to touch hers, she instinctively shut her eyes. However, in the seconds that followed, nothing was on her lips. It turned out that Shang Mo suddenly stopped his advances and instead looked at Mo Feifei’s tightly shut eyes. He could not help but want to laugh at the situation.

Upon realizing that she was not going to get a kiss from Shang Mo, Mo Feifei, whose heart was racing, slowly opened her eyes.

All she could see was Shang Mo’s teasing gaze and that smirk on his face.

She froze.

“Did you really think that I was going to kiss you?” He actually still dared to ask such a question.

Realizing that Shang Mo was teasing her, Mo Feifei felt embarrassed and angry at the same time.

She had always been a timid person. Although she always looked very indifferent and cold, she actually blushed very easily.

With her ears red from embarrassment, she turned around to walk into the kitchen, ignoring Shang Mo in the process.

Shang Mo walked over to grab her hand, only to be faced with Mo Feifei’s cold gaze. He pressed his forehead against hers, and he asked, “Are you angry?”

Mo Feifei turned her head around to glance at Shang Mo.

Shang Mo had already taken off his glasses and his winter coat, and that in turn stripped him off of his usual gentlemanly and mature demeanor. Instead, it brought about his boyish charm more than ever. Even his usually charismatic eyes were filled with tease and tenderness.

Looking into his eyes, Mo Feifei’s heart unknowingly fluttered again.

His eyes were indeed very attractive, but coupled with his devilish smirk, he looked more charismatic and manly.

Mo Feifei felt that her heart was almost going to jump out of her chest, and she unnaturally shifted her gaze. “I am not angry. How about we dig in first since I am hungry? Aren’t you hungry?”

“I am hungry…” Shang Mo said in a seductive tone of voice. He then curled his lips upward as if he was hinting about something else.

Mo Feifei pretended not to understand and scooped some soup into a bowl for both of them.

“I love Chinese yam soup.” Shang Mo immediately took his spoon to give it a taste. He then raised his eyes to look at her, seemingly unable to hide the happiness in his eyes.

Mo Feifei smiled at him and her eyes formed an adorable crescent moon shape. She then scooped some pork ribs into his empty bowl. “Try this! This is my first time making this dish so I don’t know if it’s delicious or not.”

Shang Mo took a bite of the pork rib, and as he chewed on it, he praised, “Not bad! It’s pretty delicious! It’s sweet too!”