His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1347 - So Sweet! Public Display of Affection is Everywhere! (7)

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Chapter 1347: So Sweet! Public Display of Affection is Everywhere! (7)

Shi Guang and Mo Feifei came to visit Su Qianxun in the afternoon.

Lu Yanzhi went to open the door, only to see both of them standing there. He narrowed his eyes while he said with displeasure, “Why are you guys here again?”

“Where is Qianxun?” Shi Guang felt as if he was disdaining them.

“She is having a fever. She is resting on her bed now.”

“How did she get a fever? Big brother, you are really bad at taking care of people.”

Lu Yanzhi’s gaze immediately turned stern while he said in a displeased tone of voice, “All thanks to Lu Yanchen.”

Pursing her lips, Shi Guang looked as if she had transformed into a beast. “What does this have to do with Lu Yanchen? Why don’t you reflect on yourself before blaming Lu Yanchen? Just look at the way you treated my little aunt! You are always bullying her and treating her coldly as if she had to be at your beck and call. Just so you know, she is our family’s goddess and should be protected at all times.”

“If that is the case, why didn’t Lu Yanchen ask you to steal the video?”

Shi Guang harrumphed. “Lu Yanchen already explained this to me. Qianxun came to find him on her own accord and he rejected her before, but Qianxun insisted that if he doesn’t cooperate with her, she would carry out the plan alone. With that said, do you think it’s better if she had Lu Yanchen’s help or without his help? The answer is obviously the former, don’t you think you should thank Lu Yanchen instead?”

“Big brother, you are not allowed to bully Lu Yanchen! If I found out that you are bullying Lu Yanchen, I will bully Qianxun!” threatened Shi Guang again.

Lu Yanchen looked at her with a sour expression, but he did not refute her.

After all, women and villains were the hardest types of people to deal with. He could not possibly argue with a woman and thus, he could only walk up the stairs to call Su Qianxun down.

It did not take long for Su Qianxun to walk down the stairs.

Shi Guang propped her chin and raised her eyebrows. “Tell me honestly. You are not allowed to lie.”

“What do you want me to tell you?” Su Qianxun looked at Shi Guang in confusion, hoping that she would be more specific with her question.

Mo Feifei, on the other hand, only chuckled. She had always been a quiet person with little words. Shi Guang continued, “What I am asking is which stage did you and Lu Yanzhi progress to? When are you planning to get married?”

Su Qianxun froze momentarily, and she uncomfortably said, “Things haven’t taken shape yet. We shall talk about this at a later time.”

She had sworn to God before that things were impossible between her and Lu Yanzhi, but the current situation she was in turned out to be a slap in the face. She felt a little awkward and hence, she did not wish to give Shi Guang a definite reply.

Shi Guang’s eyes formed an adorable crescent moon shape as she smiled. She teased Su Qianxun, “No way, your son is already five years old but things haven’t taken place yet? This is driving me crazy.”

Shi Guang’s teasing only made Su Qianxun feel more flustered than she already was. Luckily, Mo Feifei decided to help her out. “Alright, Little aunt knows what she is doing, you don’t have to be too concerned about her.”

“Feifei understands me best.” Su Qianxun then looked at Shi Guang and teased her as though she had a grudge against her. “You are too nosey!”

“Nosey is too extreme a word to use. I am concerned about you.”

“Yeah, right. Let’s talk about serious matters now.” Su Qianxun had a mercurial turn of the conversation. “About that… How is Su Wencheng doing?”

“He… big brother badly beat him up and he probably won’t be able to get up from bed for the next ten days or so. With that said, he is going to be sent to jail soon. Do you know what was stored in the U-Disk you handed over to Lu Yanchen?”

“Is Mo Jin’s video in there?” At that time, Su Qianxun sensed that something seemed weird as Su Wencheng was very persistent in snatching the U-Disk back.

“No! There was evidence of him laundering money illegally as well as a few documents which documented his plans on making a comeback. With that said, many people were looped into his plan. Since he had the U-disk in his possession before, they dared not disobey him, but now that the police have it, not only did he lose his supporters, he also had to be punished by the law.”