His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1346 - So Sweet! Public Display of Affection is Everywhere! (6)

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Chapter 1346: So Sweet! Public Display of Affection is Everywhere! (6)

Su Qianxun berated, “Why not? I never said that you can’t marry another woman.”

“You just said a while ago that you’re no longer an eighteen-year-old but you are being childish again.” While he had already matured from his reckless past self, she clearly did not as she was acting no different from a lost and innocent teenager. In response to that, he couldn’t help but sigh. “I must be getting old.”

The latter part of the sentence got Su Qianxun laughing.

Su Qianxun lay down and looked at him. “You finally admitted that you are getting old, soon-to-be forty-year-old mister.”

In the next second, Lu Yanzhi sat up and pinned the woman down below him. Under the dark ambiance of the bedroom, he kissed her passionately.

Su Qianxun immediately turned as stiff as a rock while she dug her fingernails into the blanket. Realizing that she was having a fever, she immediately tried to push him away. Lu Yanzhi backed away in the next second, and in a deep and warm tone of voice, he said, “You are making fun of me? What’s wrong with being old? I can still take care of you even if I am old!”

With that said, he kissed her again, however, this kiss felt different. It was fierce yet passionate, but it also seemed more sloppy. It was if he wanted to eat her up.

Su Qianxun was so engrossed in his kiss that her mind turned blank, almost forgetting the date.

Suddenly, her phone rang and Su Qianxun stiffened as though a bolt of lightning struck her. She quickly snapped out of her trance and reached her hand out to push Lu Yanzhi away.

The warmth on his lips suddenly disappeared and Lu Yanzhi furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure. He took a glance at the annoying phone and reached his hand out to answer it. Displeased, he shouted, “What do you want at this point in time?”

“Daddy?” Xiao Bai said in a bewildered tone of voice, “Mommy told me to call her after I have signed up for my classes so that she could fetch me home. But why isn’t she here yet? Ahh, mommy…”

“Enough! Can you man up and stop acting cute all the time?” said Lu Yanzhi in a cold and stern tone of voice. He then put the phone on speaker and placed the phone in front of Su Qianxun.

Lu Yanzhi was being fierce to her son again. Su Qianxun gave Lu Yanzhi a cold glare, but to Xiao Bai, she said, “Xiao Bai, I have to settle some matters today. Sorry, I will fetch you another time.”

“Mommy, daddy bullied me.”

“Just ignore him. You just need to know that I love you very much.”

“I also love you very much. Daddy is a bad daddy.”

Hearing their conversation, Lu Yanzhi narrowed his eyes and the temperature in the room immediately dropped by a few degrees. However, upon hearing the following sentence, he immediately curled his lips upwards.

“Mommy, are you on a date with daddy just now?”


“Grandma told me that if daddy and mommy are exercising in the bedroom, it means that they are dating. She even warned that small kids like me are not allowed to watch adults dating.”

Su Qianxun immediately understood his meaning and all the blood ran from her heart to her cheeks. She said in a gentle tone of voice, “We are not dating. Don’t spout nonsense.”

She then looked at Lu Yanzhi who flashed her a teasing smile. He said towards the phone’s microphone, “Alright, rascal, I will fetch you later.” He paused for a while before continuing, “Don’t interrupt our date.”

Su Qianxun widened her eyes and jaw in surprise. This man must be the biggest hooligan of the century! After Lu Yanzhi ended the call, she flew into a rage and glared at Lu Yanzhi. “You are being a bad example to my kid!”

Lu Yanzhi took his clothes off while his eyes twinkled. “Let’s start dating!”

Su Qianxun glared at him but her cheeks flushed red. “Can you stop acting like a hooligan? Please maintain the image of a soldier.”

Lu Yanzhi raised her chin. “If I don’t act like a hooligan, how can I teach a demon like you a lesson?!”

Su Qianxun: “…”