His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1342 - So Sweet! Public Display of Affection is Everywhere! (2)

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Chapter 1342: So Sweet! Public Display of Affection is Everywhere! (2)

When Lu Yanchen and Chu Mubei arrived, Lu Yanzhi was still hitting Su Wencheng. Every punch that landed on Su Wencheng’s face was harsh that his head bled profusely—blood even splashed around.

When he saw that they had arrived, Lu Yanzhi finally stopped and threw Su Wencheng a last indignant glance.

The urge he had suppressed for far too long was triggered for a brief period of time. It was wild, brutal and could not be stopped. If he did not stop, he might really beat this person to death.

Lu Yanzhi set aside his aggressiveness and looked at Lu Yanchen with an icy cold gaze. “I will settle the scores with you at a later date.”

With that, he gripped Su Qianxun’s hands and domineering pulled her away.

When Su Qianxun walked past Lu Yanchen, she threw him the U-Disk. Both then stepped out of the room and left Lu Yanchen and Chu Mubei to clean up the mess.

Earlier, Lu Yanzhi startled her that her heart shook.

The last time she’d seen Lu Yanzhi so angry was around six years ago. At that time, he thought she had lost Xiao Bai. He looked like he was going to strangle her to death, but he could only hide his fists behind him in an attempt to control himself. He merely gave her a harsh glare.

However, he was never as scary as today.

Was the reason Lu Yanzhi was so angry was that she had no thoughts for her safety?

The car drove forward at a fast speed while a deadly silence filled the car. Su Qianxun turned her head to look at Lu Yanzhi, who had a dark expression on, with a guilty and frightened feeling.

She probed, “Why were you here?”

Seeing Lu Yanchen’s expression earlier on, it seemed that he was clueless as to why Lu Yanzhi was around. Otherwise, he would not have entered the house with urgency and it should have been someone else pointing the gun at Su Wencheng.

“You seemed preoccupied these days and anyone with a brain could tell that you’re hiding something shady.”

Su Qianxun muttered, “I didn’t even do anything bad, why must you describe me like this?”

Lu Yanzhi merely scoffed and did not say anything.

The car stopped at the apartment entrance. Su Qianxun saw Lu Yanzhi swiftly getting down the car and moving over to her side to open the car door. He then pulled her out.

After they entered the house, she immediately swatted Lu Yanzhi’s hand away. In a dry tone of voice, she said, “Xiao Bai went home today…”

Lu Yanzhi stood in front of her and then stared. Su Qianxun, on the other hand, instinctively took a step back.

“Are you scared of me?” he softly asked.

Su Qianxun forced out a smile. “No.”

“No, you should be scared of me.” Lu Yanzhi smiled and mocked, “Because I want to strangle you now!”

With that, he gripped Su Qianxun’s hands and switched their positions with a turn. He pinned her against the door and prevented her from moving around.

With a voice as domineering and aggressive as his actions, he asked, “Su Qianxun, I have been too good to you lately such that it made you disregard my existence!”

‘You aren’t even my husband so why must I care about you?’ Su Qianxun found his words funny and wanted to mock him back, but Lu Yanzhi held her chin harshly.

He saw the fury in her eyes and his breathing became labored. “If you dare to do such things in the future again, I will finish you off!”

With that, his long fingers tugged on her clothes, without minding if she objected or not.