His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1329 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (19)

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Chapter 1329: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (19)

The last swimmer was going to swim with a freestyle stroke. Shi Guang stood on the platform after the third swimmer set off with her breaststroke. Park Yihyun was standing on her platform as well. Shi Guan flashed her a smile, to which Park Yihyun ignored. She even looked indignant as she adjusted her goggles and the swimming cap on her—she looked ready.

The third swimmers’ speed was around the same, though the China team fell behind by just a little.

When her teammate swam over, Shi Guang was already prepared. Her gaze was fixed on her teammate and when her teammate’s hand touched the wall, she immediately jumped into the water.

Before she could jump into the water, Park Yihyun had already entered the water. However, Shi Guang’s leg strength was too shocking.

Park Yihyun was faster by a step, but Shi Guang immediately caught up with her.

After she entered the water, Shi Guang’s speed skyrocket; but at the same time, Park Yihyun was not bad either. Both had a speed burst and that caused water to splash all over. The intense competition had their respective coaches’ and leader’s heart on tenterhooks.

Although it was only a friendly match, neither of them wanted to lose.

The two of them were equally matched and sped up in the final 20m. In the end, Shi Guang touched the wall 0.1 seconds earlier.

Shi Guang’s coach and teammates immediately cheered. Shi Guang got up the platform and hugged her teammates. Everyone was very happy.

They thought the match would finish off on a good note when suddenly a voice rang out. “The fourth swimmer had a foul.”

The whole sports hall turned silent. They looked at each other as they pondered over how Shi Guang earned a foul.

At that moment, the Korean team’s coach walked forward and said, “In the relay competition, all of the participants have to start off in the water. The succeeding swimmer can only start after the preceding swimmer touched the wall. However, the fourth swimmer of the China team, the one who swam freestyle, swam before the third swimmer could even touch the wall. With that, she broke the rules.”

Shi Guang was stumped.

Earlier, she made sure to start swimming after she had seen her teammate’s hand touch the wall.

How did she break the rules?

She instinctively looked towards Zhang Shulin.

Since it wasn’t an official competition and was merely a friendly match, no video replay could be offered.

Both Zhang Shulin and the coach’s expressions were sour, and what more with the leader’s expressions? Even her teammates had an angry look.

“How shameless! They only know how to use a foul and slandered others to win.”

“F*ck! They clearly could not afford to lose. When they lost, they claimed that their opponents broke the rules. They’ve always used this old trick for relay matches. Any sports competition would do this, but I never thought they would do it in a friendly match between the two countries.”

“I only have one word to say—disgusting!”

The team was muttering among themselves and most people would not understand, but Park Yihyun knew Chinese and totally understood their words. She was so angry that her face turned black.

She angrily walked forward and with poor pronunciation, she spoke in Chinese. “It’s not that we cannot afford to lose! We just spilled the beans on your foul! You scolded us for pointing it out but it wasn’t for the foul, how could all of you win the competition!”

After that, she spoke in Korean. Anyway, Shi Guang did not bother since she could not understand them. But they sounded like ducks as they muttered.

She did not know what they said in the end, but she saw Coach Lee furrowing his brows. He then said, “Doping is against the rules. Please mind your language. All of our sportsmen rely on their own true ability. As for the foul…”