His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1327 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (17)

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Chapter 1327: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (17)

Lu Yanzhi liked this answer very much. He raised his fingers to touch her chin and leaned down to kiss her lips. After the kiss, he gently pushed her away. “It’s getting late and you have to wake up early tomorrow. Go to sleep now.”

He still had some matters to settle after talking to Su Qianxun.

“I don’t want to sleep. I want to hug you for a while more.” Shi Guang acted cute in his embrace. “Let’s hug for a while more, okay?”

“Sure, you can hug me for as long as you want.” In front of his wife’s hug, everyone and everything must be pushed back.

Time started slipping away by the seconds and minutes yet Shi Guang did not let go of him. Lu Yanzhi’s arm enveloped her. “You aren’t worried about the upcoming friendly match, are you?”

Shi Guang hesitated before she softly muttered, “I saw that the opponent’s results are around the same as mine. What if I lose? After all, it’s my first time competing with foreigners.”

Lu Yanchen’s deep eyes had no emotions as he calmly said, “Then, how about I get someone to put laxatives in their food so they will have stomach aches for two to three days. They will have no strength to compete and you will win.”

“Haha… that’s a great idea,” Shi Guang complemented. She continued laughing but in the next second, she realized that Lu Yanchen had a serious look on. ‘Eh? It wasn’t a joke?’

She was stunned. “Are you serious?”

She should scrap his idea, for she did not want to win through that method anyway.

When he saw her flustered look, Lu Yanchen could not control himself and curled his lips into a smile. Shi Guang immediately laughed and hit his chest. “Are you playing with me?”

“I just want to remind you that even if it’s your first time competing with foreigners, they are humans too. They are not as scary as you think they are. Who knows, they may not be as good as your teammates. So what are you so worried about?” Lu Yanchen looked at her with an indifferent expression.

“Is that so? Then, I’m not scared anymore.”

“So fast?”

“Yeah, who gave me such a good husband that I really need not worry about anything,” Shi Guang said as she snuggled into Lu Yanchen’s embrace. She snuggled for a long time until she and Lu Yanchen fell asleep on the bed.

The next day, Chu Mubei had an inkling that Lu Yanchen was in high spirits since he initiated a meal together.

Feeling odd about it, Chu Mubei expressed, “Did something good happen to you? You are the stingiest person I know, and yet you are treating me to a meal? Do you have something you want me to do?”

Lu Yanchen suppressed the smile on his face, and he calmly replied, “The sweet burden in my house is too touchy.”

Chu Mubei: “…”

‘What has that got to do with you treating me to a meal?’

‘They really make use of every chance they get to show their love for each other! Will they even die if they do not express their love for each other even for a day? Hehe. Who asked you to blatantly show off your affection to singles?!’

They are not scared of getting the curse of ‘showing affection makes one die faster’ either.

Lu Yanchen happily said, “Tomorrow, let’s go and see Shi Guang’s competition.”

“No!” ‘I don’t want to see both of you showing affection to each other.’

“Up to you.” Shi Guang did not call for Chu Mubei anyway, and she was not hoping for him to come too. It was only Lu Yanchen that Shi Guang hoped would come. With this thought in mind, Lu Yanchen’s handsome mouth curled into a faint smile.

The next day, Chu Mubei who claimed that he would not go see the competition, actually ended up tagging alongside Lu Yanchen. Why? He heard that Shen Yiren was going to be there and he had an ulterior motive.

Shi Guang never thought Shen Yiren would come to see the competition, and she also seemed to be looking for Qianxun in the crowd.

What was even more strange was that Qianxun actually sat together with Lu Yanchen. When she called Lu Yanchen that night, both were being very secretive..

What was the secret Lu Yanchen and her little aunt was hiding from her?