His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1326 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (16)

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Chapter 1326: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (16)

Lu Yanchen held his phone and stood before the glass window. With an aloof expression, his gaze went past the window and his eyes were as black as the night.

He ended the call after ten minutes. His black eyes squinted slightly as he rhythmically played with his phone. He seemed to be in deep thought.

Shi Guang knew Su Qianxun was the one who called him.

She had no idea which matter Qianxun had to directly call Lu Yanchen. Could it be because of his elder brother? She walked over to him and softly asked, “Why did my little aunt call you?”

Lu Yanchen calmly replied, “To ask about Mo Jin’s situation.”

“Mo Jin is getting better these past few days since big sister is there to accompany her. But… Why did little aunt call you if she wanted to ask about Mo Jin? Shouldn’t she call me instead?” Shi Guang found it strange, and so she looked at him with a bewildered look.

“Aren’t you busy practicing for the friendly match? You have to train every day. Hence, she didn’t want to disturb you and asked me instead,” Lu Yanzhi said and cleverly changed the topic. “Oh right, are they in the country already?”

So, that was the case. Shi Guang replied, “They arrived yesterday. The welcoming party was also held yesterday, but I did not go because my coach called me over to the swimming club. But I heard from Qiqi that they were very arrogant as if their heads were up in the sky. They have a ferocious intent on competing here in China, making it seem like the exchange program was just a front for them to come. Tomorrow afternoon, we will all learn and observe each other’s skills in a joint training. But I have no intentions in going and even my coach advised me not to go since I can train in the swimming club and partake in a friendly match the next day, anyway. The men’s friendly match is held in the morning while the women’s friendly match is in the afternoon.”

Nevertheless, she still suspected that her coach purposely rejected activities for her here and there to make her look arrogant, and with that, it was an understatement to say she was embarrassed. She did not want to seem like she has an attitude but her coach said that activities had to be rejected. Otherwise, she would not be able to train properly.

Lu Yanchen said, “Jiayou?”

She explained the situation so clearly yet he barely had any reaction? Shi Guang puffed her cheeks. “Just that?”

What she actually meant was that she hoped he would do something more. Lu Yanzhi raised his brow. “You want me to go to the competition and cheer for you?”


“Do you like me that much that even during competitions, you have to bring me along?” Lu Yanzhi lowered his eyes and looked at her while his lips curled into a faint smile.

He placed his hand on her waist and gently rubbed her through the thin fabric.

His touches made Shi Guang’s body turn fuzzy that even her voice became slightly deeper. She blinked her eyes. “Hmm… I like you a lot.”

“How much?”

“I like you so much that even my breathing is sweet whenever I think of you.”

That sweet talk made Lu Yanzhen momentarily froze. His eyes went soft and then he proceeded to scratch her nose. “How many sweets did you eat today? Or did you coat your lips with honey today?”

Shi Guang furrowed her brows. Annoyed, she said, “I’m like this every day.”

Lu Yanchen heard the displeasure in her voice and his lips curled. He then inched closer to her ear and gave her a gentle kiss. He probed, “With such a clingy person like you, if I made you give birth to a child for me, would you agree?”

Shi Guang was a bit hesitant as she said, “If I gave birth to a child, we can’t have our alone and romantic time anymore. My dream is not the sole reason why I don’t want to give you a child just yet, but this is for your own sake too. I want to spend a few more years with just you. Don’t you want it too?”

Her voice instinctively went deeper and she became even more serious.