His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1324 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (14)

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Chapter 1324: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (14)

Lu Yanzhi turned on the light and looked at the woman in his arms. She slept quietly under the gentle warmth of the light. Her eyelashes were slightly curled upwards while it cast a faint shadow below her eyes.

He did not know what she was dreaming about, but her eyebrows were closely knitted together.

He reached his hand out to caress the wrinkles on her forehead before placing his hand back on her waist. Her waist was very slender and it was as though he could easily break it if he just used a little more strength—and yet she still wanted to slim down?!

He really could not understand why she had to be a celebrity. He still remembered that the first time he found out that she became one, her name was written right next to a male celebrity’s name on the headlines.

There was even a picture of them. However, the picture was very blurry and they were not even in the same frame. The pictures were taken separately, but the background belonged to the same hotel.

In the end, the news about them dating immediately hit the headlines.

He looked at the comments and most of them said that they were a good match. They were even intrigued as to when they got together and even asked when they were going to get married.

Obviously, there were also many who hated her and bashed on her. Those people who only knew the male celebrity said that Qianxun was a nobody and did not want to support them as a couple.

Then again, scandals about her only increased over time. There were rumors that she was involved with various types of men.

There was even a period where he could see online trolls exposing fake news about her going through the back door to get roles.

‘What do they mean by her family runs a hair salon?’

‘What do they mean by she was a prostitute ever since she was young?’

‘What do they mean by she slept with other men in exchange for fame?’

‘What do they mean by she was kept by five to six rich men at the same time?’

All of that news was fake and was created by her haters so that they could throw dirt on her name. He also commented once and even tried to clarify the situation, however, everyone just automatically ignored him. Indeed, her haters really made her famous. Her haters really bashed on her a lot.

If he did not check on her background before, he might have believed those pieces of news!

Strangely, she did not seem to care and despite how hurtful the comments were, she never tried to explain herself. In other words, the only thing she cared about was her dramas.

He really did not understand how she could be so nonchalant about it.

It was clear that there were people defaming her on purpose, so how could she act as if nothing happened?

Or was this the outcome she wanted?

Lu Yanzhi suppressed his deep and fierce temptation within his heart and pressed his lips against her forehead.

When Su Qianxun woke up the next day, she realized that Xiao Bai was lying between her and Lu Yanzhi.

She groggily closed her eyes again and continued sleeping.

“Daddy, since you and mommy have already slept together, are going to get married?” Lu Yanzhi and Xiao Bai’s conversation could be heard ringing in her ears. That soft and gentle voice was so cute that it was as though there was a catkin tickling her heart.

Su Qianxun slowly woke up.

Although Xiao Bai was innocent and obedient, he was not at the age where he could totally understand things and hence, Lu Yanzhi did not reply to him.

After a long moment of silence, Xiao Bai asked again, “Daddy, would mommy give birth to a younger sister for me?”

Lu Yanzhi continued remaining silent and Xiao Bai asked again as if he was a curious baby. “Daddy when mommy gave birth to me, will her stomach hurt?”

He finally could not stand his questions and lowered her voice to warn him. “Don’t wake your mommy up.”

Xiao Bai remained silent for a while, but he quickly spoke again. “Daddy, I want to sleep with you guys from now on. How about I sleep in the middle?”

Lu Yanzhi immediately rejected him without even thinking about it. “No!”

‘He wants me and my wife to sleep with him? To think that he could think of such a plan!’