His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1322 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (12)

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Chapter 1322: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (12)

Su Qianxun tossed and turned around in her bed. She was unable to fall asleep.

Memories of the times she and Su Wencheng spent together flashed past her mind. If it was true that he knew that they were not related by blood beforehand, his attitude towards her now really did seem out of the norm.

Could it really be as Lu Yanchen guessed it to be?

She felt very confused and was at a loss for she really had no idea what she should do now.

She sat up on her bed and walked one round around her room. Upon seeing a faint glow of light coming from downstairs, she realized that Lu Yanzhi was not asleep yet. Hence, she went downstairs.

Lu Yanzhi was lying on the sofa, but Su Qianxun was not aware as to whether he was asleep or not. The living room light was still turned on, however, his eyes were closed.

Su Qianxun stood frozen in the living room for two seconds before turning around to head towards the kitchen. She briskly walked around until she decided that she should just pour herself a cup of water. She slowly drank the cup of water, but the water was as unappetizing as herbal medicine.

“Why aren’t you asleep yet?” A charismatic voice could be heard from behind.

Su Qianxun turned around and saw the man’s tall and slender figure standing upright. His handsome yet cold features made him look very stern and calm while his sharp and dark eyes stared straight into her eyes.

She was so shocked by his presence that she did not say anything.

Lu Yanzhi walked forward with big strides and asked her again, “You can’t sleep?”

Su Qianxun did not reply to him, and asked in return, “Why aren’t you asleep yet, too?”

Lu Yanzhi walked forward again and Su Qianxun’s back touched the kitchen counter. The series of actions that followed and as well as his posture, seemed as if he had done it a thousand times. It was still as domineering and overbearing as ever.

Su Qianxun shifted to the side and suddenly felt a little embarrassed while she stared back at him. She was still stuck in a daze that she did not know what to say and remained silent.

After that incident with Su Wencheng, she felt very confused and lost and all she wanted was just to find someone to accompany her. Although their position right now was not very comfortable, it did make her feel a little bit better.

The kitchen suddenly fell into a torturous silence.

Lu Yanchen curled his lips upwards while he silently stared at her.

She did not know why, but his calm and gentle gaze made her feel a little strange… She was not used to this alternate image of his. Instead, she was more familiar with his usual cold and overbearing personality.

After a while, Su Qianxun felt that her throat was getting dry, so she decided to break the silence. “Lu Yanzhi, how long do you plan to carry on like this? It’s already very late…”

The person in front of her remained silent and did not make a single sound even after a long time.

In the quiet bedroom, Su Qianxun looked at the person beside her before closing her eyes in distress. She was so conflicted that she wanted to find a hole to hide in.

After she said that it was getting late, he continued remaining silent. It was so silent that she was slowly suffocating to death, but then he finally let her go and took two steps back. “It is getting late. You should sleep soon.”

Upon seeing that he was going to leave, she suddenly said, “Let’s sleep together!” At that moment, even she did not know what had gotten into her when she said that. It was almost as if she was possessed by a ghost.

She was taken by surprise, too. She immediately added, “I mean, you can sleep on the other side of my bed and no more than that.”

Then, then, then… Lu Yanzhi slept beside her.

The night was very quiet, however, her emotions were all over the place.

A strange feeling crept up her heart while Su Qianxun suddenly felt her heart race.

Actually, she and Lu Yanzhi had done more intimate things than just this and it was also not her first time sleeping on the same bed as him. They even used the same blanket before.