His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1319 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (9)

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Chapter 1319: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (9)

Shi Guang was puzzled. “Why did Su Wencheng come to find you again? The answer is obvious. Even if you won’t tell me, I already know the answer. He probably wanted you to ruin my relationship with the Su Family. But why did you listen to him and what method did he use to threaten you?”

“Vi… deo…” Mo Jin’s lips were trembling as she struggled to speak. “When we were together, I slept with him. I didn’t know that he took a video…”

She only knew about the video recently as well. When Su Wencheng told her about the video, he was smiling, but his words were as though a knife had pierced through her heart and body. Her whole body shivered and there was a brief moment that she wanted to bang her head on the wall.

He was her first love! Whenever she thought about the time they spent together, she would detest it so much that she would choke out of disgust.

That night, she returned home and took a bath for two hours. She did not sleep well that night and kept yawning at work the next day.

When the man she liked learned that she was sick, he got concerned and asked if she needed to see a doctor. After she rejected the need to see a doctor, he took a sick leave from his work and bought her medicine. He wanted her to take good care of her body.

Being taken good care of by someone should be a blissful moment yet in her heart, she felt even more terrible.

She did not know what to do. She did not want her good reputation to be tainted in front of her elder’s eyes.

At the same time, she did not want to lose to this man either.

Shi Guang’s expression instantly changed.

She suddenly recalled the movie plotline that Qianxun was telling them and finally understood why Mo Jin’s reaction was so immense when the female side-character threatened the female lead with pictures.

It was because, at that time, she had a similar experience.

“I thought I could freely walk under the sun and live my life. I also thought that I could be natural and happy under the public’s gazes. I even hoped that I could freely date a person who I liked and have fun with him under the sun. But if that video is released publicly, I won’t be able to have all these experiences that I so badly wanted. My parents will also be disappointed in me and will have to face other people’s criticism because of me!”

Shi Guang looked at her lean face and felt pain in her heart.

She solemnly said, “You should have told us earlier and allowed us to find a solution. By relenting and helping Su Wencheng this time, do you really think Su Wencheng will give the video to you? No! He will use the video to threaten you again and again. You still won’t be able to freely date the person you like and have fun with him!”

Mo Jin bit down on her lips and her heart clenched in pain.

Last night, after she returned home from the Su Family, she met Su Wencheng outside her house. He sat in the car and under the dim yellow streetlights, he looked especially cold and gave one a sense of suffocating oppression.

He did not get down the car and only rolled down the window.

She said to him, “I have done what you wanted me to do, so it’s best if you return the video to me.”

But he smiled. “Relax, I don’t want others to see that side of you either.”

His voice was gentle yet it made her whole body tremble.

She was scared and wanted to plead with him. However, he left just like that and did not return the video at all! She should have known that Su Wencheng would never hand over the video to her that easily.

But other than listening to him, what else could she do?!