His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1318 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (8)

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Chapter 1318: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (8)

Shi Guang was shocked. “But you weren’t together with him back then, were you? You said that you weren’t together with him…”

Mo Jin’s face was as pale as a white sheet of paper. She then said, “In my second year of university, you started dating Lu Yanchen and during those moments, he occupied most of your mind. You rarely come home too, hence I didn’t tell you.”

Shi Guang tightly furrowed her eyebrows and dug in her memories. Her cousin did seem like she was in love, but she brushed it off to the side at that time.

“Back then, I did not know that he was Su Ya’s brother. We secretly dated for a year until I found out that he was Su Ya’s older brother—that alone caught me by surprise. In retrospect, the time I started dating him was the same time Feifei was continuously abused. He added me as an online friend back then and we grew close. Shortly after that, aunt and uncle got involved in an accident and you asked me to take care of Feifei. And since I was chatting with him at that time, I got so overwhelmed with my sadness that I spilled all of your family matters to him thinking that he was just a friend online. I told him that I shouldn’t tell Feifei about what had happened to her parents, but he insisted otherwise, saying that she deserved to know the truth and that she would hate me if the truth comes to light. So, I took in his advice and told Feifei, but Feifei could not take the blow and…”

As Mo Jin continued, she started to sob with her fist on her chest.

Shi Guang’s body trembled in anger while her expression darkened.

Mo Feifei, on the other hand, seemed much calmer than Shi Guang and even reached out to wipe the tears on Mo Jin’s face. She consoled, “It’s already in the past. Aren’t I living well now?”

Shi Guang berated, “One could clearly see that he was an unreliable person. Why did you still keep in touch with him…”

‘And even date him?’

She was so angry that she could vomit blood! However, she also felt very regretful. After she got together with Lu Yanchen, she did put all of her time and effort on Lu Yanchen and neglected her cousin. Otherwise, how else would she know that a venomous snake was by her cousin’s side?!

Tears welled up in Mo Jin’s eyes. “He kept apologizing to me and besides, he only gave a suggestion. It was still up to me as to whether I would heed his advice or not. How could I possibly blame him? It was not like he knew our family matters and I admit that I really didn’t think through things that much before. But in my defense, I did try to ignore him at the start, but he kept talking to me.”

With that said, she looked towards Shi Guang. “At that time, he was quite aware that you were dating Lu Yanchen. He insisted that getting together with Lu Yanchen for the sake of exacting revenge was wrong. At that time, I had already met up with him and trusted him way too much that I heeded his advice on breaking both of you up, to which was successful. It was only in my third year of university that I accidentally found out that Su Wencheng is Su Ya’s older brother. Knowing such revelation felt as if I was thrown into the abyss. I recalled everything that had happened and suddenly felt that I was living in a lie or rather, a trap. I felt very guilty and afraid. Hence, when I got the chance to go on an exchange program, I immediately broke up with Su Wencheng and went overseas.”

Shi Guang gritted her teeth and asked, “If that is so, what is with this big hoo-ha now?”

“So many years have passed and I initially thought that everything was over between us. Just when I was about to prepare myself for another relationship, Su Wencheng came to find me…”