His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1315 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (5)

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Chapter 1315: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (5)

Lu Yanchen’s eyes darkened and he immediately kissed Shi Guang’s lips, and soon, his tongue explored her mouth.

After a while more, he kissed Shi Guang until her eyes were glazed over and her whole body turned into jelly. In the middle of their makeout, she panted and said, “I think… we shouldn’t do it. It would seem as though we are making a deal.”

In a raspy voice, Lu Yanchen said, “How is it a deal?”

Shi Guang’s face blushed red as she weakly and coquettishly said, “I feel like I changed minds too abruptly and it might seem like I have no respect for you. Don’t you feel the same way? Aren’t you angry? Forget it, tomorrow, we can…”

Before she could say ‘do,’ Lu Yanchen kissed her on the lips again.

As long as she was happy, he did not care about such small details.

Overbearing and strong. Overwhelming yet annoying.

Shi Guang was hit until her soul left her. She was like a puddle of lust that melted in his embrace…

The next day, Shi Guang groggily woke up from the ringing of her phone on the nightstand.

Shi Guang glanced at her phone—it was her big sister. She answered the call. “Big sister.”

“You are still sleeping at ten o’clock?” Mo Feifei asked. “Wake up now. We are going to visit your cousin later.”

“Big sister, are you even aware of what recently happened?” Shi Guang asked.

“Hmm. I was busy when you called last night and you hung up, too. By morning, Qianxun called me and it was from her that I learned about the things that happened at home. I wanted to call Mo Jin, but the line is always dead. I called her company and they said she did not show up for work today and she was not on leave. I am very worried about her. Come with me to see her.”

Shi Guang wanted to visit Mo Jin again as well.

Because of that incident yesterday, she was too furious and irritable that she wasn’t able to have a calm conversation with her cousin. But after letting the night pass, she managed to calm down and by then she felt that something was wrong. She still could not believe that her cousin was a person who would give up her relationships for personal gains.

She thought that her cousin probably was going through difficulties.

She came to that realization yesterday, but since her cousin refused to say anything, she became furious.

Shi Guang pulled herself up from the bed and proceeded to wash up. Without eating anything, she drove her car straight to pick up Mo Feifei and the two of them proceeded to Mo Jin’s house. They pressed the doorbell many times but nobody came to open the door.

“Could it be that cousin is not at home? Maybe she went to the company when we were on our way here?”

“That shouldn’t be the case. I told her assistant to call me if she showed up for work, so she should still be at home. Ah Jin gave me her house keys before, so now, it should be of use.” Mo Feifei took out the key from her pocket and opened the door.

The house was very quiet and the living room was messy. On the coffee table, there were a few alcohol bottles on it.

Both then went into the bedroom and saw Mo Jin lying crookedly on the bed. Shi Guang called her. “Mo Jin…”

Mo Jin had no reaction. Shi Guang called her name again and even shook her. Upon touching her, it was only then that she realized that Mo Jin’s body was surprisingly cold. She turned her head towards Mo Feifei’s face and noted how Mo Feifei looked dazed out and that she was holding a medicine bottle.

“This is…” Shi Guang said.

“Sleeping pills.” Mo Feifei continued her sentence for her. She then reached out to feel Mo Jin’s pulse—it was very weak. Her face paled as she immediately pulled Mo Jin up. “Hurry! We have to send her to the hospital immediately.”