His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1314 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (4)

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Chapter 1314: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (4)

Shi Guang was caught between laughter and tears as she looked at him. “Stop laughing! I was so embarrassed just now.”

“You are thinking too much. If that really is the case, your older sister definitely wouldn’t answer your call.” Lu Yanchen continued wearing a smile on his face while his gaze slowly darkened.

“But I called two times.”

“From a different perspective, I still won’t let you answer the phone when we’re doing it, even if someone calls you more than ten times.” Lu Yanchen hugged her from behind. He then swiftly took her phone away and switched it off.

“What are you doing?” Shi Guang turned around to face him.

“I am doing something bad.”

In the next second, Lu Yanchen spun her around and swooped her up into his arms.

Shi Guang’s small hand pressed against his chest as she strongly protested, “Lu Yanchen, can’t you control yourself when we are going through such important times?”

Lu Yanchen carried her upstairs and pinned her down on the bed. Shi Guang was just like a fish placed on the chopping board, and the least she could do was to allow him to enjoy her.

She blinked her eyes and pouted. “Other people’s husbands respect their wives a lot to the point that they wouldn’t force their wives to serve them especially when they are tired. Don’t always think about satisfying yourself. Learn from others and just silently hug me to sleep.”

Lu Yanchen raised his eyebrows and gave a faint smile. “Whose husband are you talking about?”

His tone was very dangerous. His lips slowly rubbed against her earlobe, while his hand sensually went downward… Slowly moving.

As his fingers journeyed downward, Shi Guang felt as if a bolt of electricity went through her. It was so exciting that her whole body turned numb.

She gently lay on the bed, but her breathing became more and more ragged as though she could not catch her breath anymore. She pouted. “Lu Yanchen, you only know how to bully me.”

“In that case, I shall bully you like this!” Lu Yanchen suddenly kissed her talkative mouth and fiercely moved her lips against her as if he was attacking a city. His kisses were filled with his burning passion for her.

It was so satisfying to cuddle with one another, but Shi Guang still tried to pull herself away even when Lu Yanchen had already forcefully pinned her down. Almost out of breath, she had no other choice but to try punching and kicking Lu Yanchen away.

Lu Yanchen let go of her and took deep breaths while his hand cupped her jaw to raise it. “Can’t you breathe?”

Shi Guang took the chance to catch her breath. “No.”

“I think you did it on purpose.” Lu Yanchen playfully pinched her nose.

Shi Guang gave a light chuckle and stuck out her tongue, causing Lu Yanchen to heave a deep laugh. He did not kiss her passionately this time, instead, he gave her light kisses. With his deep voice, he said, “Alright, I will help you check on your cousin.”

“Really?” Shi Guang’s eyes lit up.

Lu Yanchen gave a faint reply. “Yes.”

“I suddenly realized that my husband is so nice,” cajoled Shi Guang.

“Didn’t you say someone else’s husband was nicer?” Lu Yanchen harrumphed, and he had a prideful expression etched on his face.

Seeing that he was about to lie on the other side of the bed, Shi Guang hooked her arm around Lu Yanchen’s neck. “I was just casually saying it. Regardless of whose husband it is, he can’t be as good as mine.”

She sat up and gently breathed into his ear. She flirtily said, “My husband is the best…”

“What am I good at?” Lu Yanchen bit her ear while his hand roamed around her body.

“You are good at everything.” Shi Guang gave him a charming smile. “But you are best… in bed.”