His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1312 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (2)

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Chapter 1312: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (2)

The moment the call connected, she seemed to have heard a man’s voice before hearing her older sister say, “Stop playing around.”

Shi Guang was speechless.

Eh, what was her older sister doing?

What could possibly make her say ‘stop playing around’ to a guy? She instinctively looked towards Lu Yanchen. Whenever she said this sentence to Lu Yanchen, it was always because Lu Yanchen was pestering her to do something he liked.

Could it be that her older sister was doing… that thing with a man right now?

Mo Feifei’s voice could be heard from the other side of the call. “Little sister, it’s already so late and you are still awake. Did something happen?”

Shi Guang gave a light chuckle. “Sis, you think it’s late too? Who is beside you right now?”

“I am at the Shang Residences right now since Granny will be returning to Kyoto tomorrow,” replied Mo Feifei while flipping through the pages of the document in her hands.

“Granny Shang is returning to Kyoto soon, so why aren’t you bidding goodbye to her? It’s more like you’re saying goodbye to Mr. Shang instead…” mumbled Shi Guang in a slow and steady manner, creating a coquettish atmosphere in the process.

However, Mo Feifei was not even paying attention to Shi Guang’s teasings, much less realize that her younger sister was already thinking in the wrong direction.

“We still have something to do. Once we are done, we will sleep.”

“Once you are done, you will sleep…” Shi Guang’s ear perked up while her voice slowly turned softer. “Are you guys doing… that thing?”

Mo Feifei replied with a faint hum.

Although it was a question, Shi Guang heard it as a confirmation. She could not help but blush before she awkwardly said, “I am so sorry, sis. I didn’t know you were doing… something important. Sorry for disturbing you. You guys can continue on and once you are done, I will call you… No, no, no, I mean I will call you tomorrow.”

After that, Shi Guang immediately put down the phone.

Mo Feifei heard the beeping sound on the other end of the line and saw Shang Mo, who was sitting on her opposite, smirking at her. She slightly furrowed her eyebrows and said, “Why is everyone… so weird?”

“Are we?” Although he said it in an innocent way, Shang Mo’s smirk turned wider.

“Let’s quickly finish up this PowerPoint and go to sleep. We still need to wake up early tomorrow.” Mo Feifei was not wearing any thick clothing and felt a little cold. She could not help but sneeze.

Shang Mo immediately took off his coat and put it on her. “How about you go and sleep first? We can continue this tomorrow. I can come up with an excuse to postpone the deadline for a few days.”

Mo Feifei rolled her eyes and said, “How can I do that? I don’t want to receive any special treatment.”

She was so close to finishing the PowerPoint and could finish it in no time. Why should they postpone the deadline?

Shang Mo bent down to inch closer to her, and she could feel his breath on her skin. He then cupped her cheek and it was clear that his intention was to kiss her.

Moreover, he took off his glasses which indirectly showed off his charming vibe. Under the dim lights, he looked even more sexy and charismatic which only tapped on her temptation further.

Mo Feifei bit her lips while she tried to control her racing heart.

She took off the coat and returned it to Shang Mo. “You are only wearing a polo shirt. What if you caught a cold?”

Shang Mo pinned her hand down and stared straight into her eyes. “I heard that if two people are together and one of them caught a cold first, the other person should take the virus away. Only then would the previously sick person recover.”

With that said, he came closer to Mo Feifei and slightly lowered his head. He looked at her slender neck, collar bone, and as well as a little of her fair fullness… His Adam’s apple unknowingly moved while his heart slowly was tantalized.