His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1311 - What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (1)

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Chapter 1311: What a Close Relationship! Love Sleeping With Shi Guang! (1)

Shi Guang glared at him and punched him with her fists. “You’re never serious!”

She laughed as her heart melted.

Lu Yanchen knew she was not interested, too. His slender fingers grabbed a handful of her hair and placed it near his lips before kissing it. It smelled like flowers. “It was indeed a surprise that your cousin got the project and it stirred up a lot of discussions in the business world. A jealous person uncovered their relationship and exposed how the bidding price differed by a small amount. Hence, your second uncle was pushed to the heart of the struggle.”

Shi Guang worriedly asked, “Then, will my second uncle be alright?”

“It’s just their speculations. Moreover, your second uncle has been proven innocent, so he’s going to be fine, but…” Lu Yanchen suddenly paused.

Shi Guang nervously looked at him and waited for him to continue.

“If the case was settled like this, for sure your relationship with your second uncle will never be the same. Your grandpa will know of this incident sooner or later too, and he may think badly of you. And since you are already married and you did not grow up within the Su household, your relationship with them might be stretched thin. After this incident, going home it will be very awkward for you to return to the Su Family in the future.”

Shi Guang seemed to understand but in reality, she did not.

She furrowed her brows. “So, you are saying that the real motive behind this incident was not to frame my second uncle but to ruin my relationship with the Su Family?”

Suddenly, she remembered Su Wencheng and she looked at Lu Yanchen in shock. “Su Wencheng. He is the only one who wants to ruin my relationship with the Su Family, but why would my cousin be in cahoots with Su Wencheng?”

Lu Yanchen said, “There usually are two reasons; one, she willingly did it; two, she was forced to do it.”

Shi Guang immediately replied, “My cousin was definitely forced to do it.”

With a cold look, Lu Yanchen curled his lips up but he did not seem to be smiling. “That may not be the case. Women are very emotional.”

He always had a bad impression of Mo Jin. If it was not for Mo Jin, he and Shi Guang would have not gone separate ways for two years. And now, with Mo Jin framing Shi Guang, his bad impression of her had gone to the maximum.

Although he did see Mo Jin in a negative light, he could still feel her sincerity towards Shi Guang.

Shi Guang thought, and then she said, “There was a brief period of time that I realized that Mo Jin was in love, but she refused to admit and decided to keep it a secret from me. Could it be possible that Su Wencheng was her previous lover?”

Lu Yanchen rejected that idea. “That shouldn’t be possible!”

Shi Guang asked, “How are you so sure about that?”

“You, yourself, saw Su Wencheng’s files. He and your cousin lived in different cities and have zero contact. Both of them probably never dated unless they knew each other from a long time ago. As for online dating, do you think your cousin will resort to engaging in such?”

Shi Guang wanted to say that it may not be the case too since her cousin had an online friend in the past and they had a good relationship. It was a man and it seemed that they met each other in real life too, but nothing happened after that.

Moreover, she was still young at that time and there were no online dating applications yet. It was even more impossible if so.

Her eyes suddenly lit up. “Right, my cousin talked about her boyfriend to my sister before. Let me call my big sister. Maybe she knows who that man is.”

With that, Shi Guang reached out and took her phone from the coffee table.

She called Mo Feifei and the phone rang for a while before she picked up. When the call got through, she heard a man’s voice on the line…