His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 1310 - Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (30)

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Chapter 1310: Trash Girl! It Was Actually Her Plan All Along (30)

Shi Guang lay on Lu Yanchen’s legs while he held a document in one hand and his other held a toothpick with watermelon pierced through it. Even if his eyes were on the document, he still managed to accurately feed the watermelon into Shi Guang’s mouth.

“There was a time when I fought with someone and my cousin helped me without hesitation. She got hit in the head in the end, and she still has a scar on her forehead,” Shi Guang rambled. And as she did, she was slowly chewing on a watermelon.

“Hmm.” Lu Yanchen gave a short reply. His wool sweater was already crooked with how Shi Guang was tugging it, and he looked a little indolent.

“There was one time that I really liked a piece of clothing but I did not have enough money. So my cousin spared her pocket money for that month and bought that piece of clothing for me.”


“There was another time when we climbed the mountain and I sprained my ankle. My cousin said that I was a sportswoman so I had to be very careful. Thus, she didn’t let me touch the ground and carried me down the mountain to the hospital.”


“Lu Yanchen.”


“What do you think happened to my cousin? Why did she do that? Did anything happen to her that she was rendered with no choice but to do that? Did she really change?” Shi Guang frustratedly asked.


“Lu Yanchen, stop looking at your documents.”


“Lu Yanchen, I’m very frustrated. Talk to me for a while.”


There were no sounds coming from him even after a few moments. Shi Guang lifted her eyes up to look at Lu Yanchen and saw that his gaze was fixed on the document—he had a thoughtful expression on even. As if it had a mind of its own, his hand picked up a piece of watermelon to feed into her mouth.

Shi Guang’s forehead creased.

She rejected the watermelon from a certain someone and sat up as if she wanted to leave.

But Lu Yanchen had pulled her back by the wrist and she was pulled to sit down again. She then leaned into Lu Yanchen’s embrace. And as he enveloped her shoulders with strong possessiveness, he gently asked, “Are you angry?”

“I’m not going to disturb you in reading your documents. Let go of me. I will find a way myself.” Shi Guang moved her body and wanted to free her shoulders from his grip.

But she was not able to free herself as Lu Yanchen hugged her and stroked her hair. “I know what you are thinking, but just so you know, the incident already happened. Whether your cousin has her reasons or was forced, she still wronged you. Since she did you wrong, what are you frustrated about?”

“Lu Yanchen, you said you understood? But you don’t understand it at all!” Shi Guang had bitterness in her heart and it felt terrible.

“I don’t know other people’s relationships with their family but I do know family is very important and precious to me,” Shi Guang said as her eyes turned red.

“Shouldn’t the love that you treasure and protect so much be the love between us?” Lu Yanchen asked in sheer jealousy. She cared so much about her sister and her cousin that it made it seem everyone else was more important than him.

Shi Guang, who kept a stiff expression, could not help but burst into laughter. She gently pounded Lu Yanchen’s shoulders. “Really now? You are even jealous of her?”

Her hands circled around his neck before she kissed Lu Yanchen on the lips.

Initially, she only wanted to touch him a little but Lu Yanchen domineeringly kissed her back and enthusiastically explored her lips.

In a daze, Shi Guang looked at Lu Yanchen. It was seductive and messy… She panted from the kiss while her fingers slid down his handsome face and landed on his lips.

Lu Yanchen kissed her slender and fair hand before he seductively sucked in a breath. “How about let’s do some proper business?”